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Sometimes you just want to watch another cum video, so it's handy the formal name of this one is "another cum video." The jacker clearly named it after having drained his cock (and brain) so while his title creativity was lacking, his precision was admirable.

I am 100% imagining he's the water delivery guy by the way, not that I'd ever subscribe to such a service. Because despite the glitterific delivery trucks from a brand I won't name (literally with sparkling blue glitter streamers everywhere), I think they are all on the clock.

So stopping for a jerk party is not on the approved delivery timetable. Though it would be if I ran the delivery company. And I'd probably not call it water delivery but just body fluid delivery. And we'd be full service. So if you want a bucket of sweat, we've got you covered. But only if you give 48 hours notice. A standard bucket holds a lot of sweat.

And of course we'd delivery piss. Even for deliveries in which you didn't order piss, we'd deliver it sometimes if the driver felt like it and had to go. You're welcome.

As for the hands-free part, that's what's called a "surprise and delight" benefit for customers. Like that surprise item you get when you order something online. Sure it's really just a sample of something they want you to order full size of, or maybe a few stickers, but it's still generally delightful. And so is a hands-free cum from this big dicked, jockish stud.

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