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Watch him make progressively larger dildos disappear inside himself. After shoving a dildo into his fly and letting it hang as if it were his own cock (an excellent party trick), he shows us his talented hole in action.

Don't try this at home. Do try this the next time you're bored on your long commute to work, be it in a car, bus or train. Or preferably so everyone can see, while you're riding your bicycle. See if you just mount the dildo to the seat and go up some steep hills, that will do the trick.

It's good to show up to work mid-orgasm. Bosses appreciate that.

If this clip inspires you to fuck your own hole (or holes) or that of a partner, remember not to shop while you're hungry. If you go to a grocery store when hungry, you may end up buying a box of cookies instead of the single cookie (or banana) you actually need. 

And if you go to a sex toy shop in person or online right after seeing such a experienced, massive-dong-swallowing hole, you may end up buying a bigger toy than you can handle. Start small and lubricate well. You can reach your prostate (if you have one) with your finger anyhow, so can feel good without massive length. 

Get to know your own body inside and out and build up length and/or thickness to suit your needs over time. And at some point, you may want someone else to hold the toy and move it in and out of you. The best part of that is the trust it takes to make that happen. 

If you find a massive toy you want and it's the last one, just don't be surprised if this guy fights you for it. He's quite anally needy, in the best way.

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