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With the Winter Olympics on the horizon, it's too late to promote no-hands big cock growth from soft to hard as a sport. And there would be debate as to whether it would be a winter or summer sport anyhow. But this video still shows the concept is better than the overall highly corrupt and over-commercialized actual Olympics.

After all, you don't see some manufactured tearjerker story narrated over the simple swelling of this cock specimen. And if you did, it would be about the day he was forced to go in to the office to work instead of his normal work (meaning masturbate) from home routine. 

Even in this hands-free video, by the end he can't keep his hands off himself. And why should he?

So we get honest, natural drama. How long will it get? How thick will it get? Will he finally get together with the other penis he's been having a love-hate relationship with at the Boston bar called Cheers? Or maybe that's a sitcom. 

No confusion needed. And remember, while watching a hands-free video, you don't need to remain hands-free yourself. Especially if you're busy "working" from home right now.

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