Do You Like Sex in the Shower? Check Out These Guys Fucking in the Shower!

He's so methodical about all this. Soap up. That's the real shower part. Then fuck a Fleshjack, pull out and squirt. I wonder if this is the 100th time he's done this or the 400th. He has needs after all.

When his shower is over, I wonder if he retires to his bed and starts masturbating. Maybe he has Fleshjacks stationed at the ready around his home. Including, hopefully, one in the guest bedroom.

Of all those HGTV shows like House Hunters and its spin-offs, plus all the remodeling shows, you'd think there were some folks who were kinky fuckers who were looking for a place with a perfect set up for a dungeon or other sex room. Houses are generally not staged with fresh cookies and Fleshjacks in the kitchen.

The closest they get is when there is a large shower or hot tub that is clearly designed for more than one person, and they joke about all fitting in there, or having a party. But they don't mean that kind of party. Ha ha.

Or maybe when people talk about wanting a "man cave," beyond the obvious acknowledgment that it's good for couples to have alone time, I wonder if that urge for the perfect, out of the way room to watch sports on a big screen TV in peace is really about watching porn on a big screen TV in peace.

So I hope this shower jacker is a real estate agent on the side in real life and he gives me a tour in the future. He'd leave out cookies and Fleshjacks for sure. And hopefully leave his big cock hanging out of his dress pants while he gives me a tour.

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