File this story under "It's about fucking time"! Yes, power porn couple Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde have had their ups and downs in the gay porn world, but this time with the launch of their brand new site, they could possibly be sitting on top of a hot cock goldmine!

The site will be launched February 7th and I'm pretty sure that it will take gay porn by storm. They have been working quite a while now to get the site ready for launch and are working with some of the hottest guys that my HOMO eyes have ever seen. Of course, there is also the fact that the majority of the hunks will be in sweatpants (maybe not too long before all the action starts), and let's face it - who doesn't like a delicious hunk going commando in sweats?!

Wanna get a preview of what's to CUM? Head on over HERE and take a look at some of the rock-hard talent that will surely be on display... and of course, as always: ENJOY, HOMOS!

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