adam champ

Adam Champ got his start in the gay porn business as one of the golden boys of COLT Studio Group. Together with Carlo Masi, the two real-life lovers made a lot of hot videos over at COLT, fucking with one another and the stable of hot muscle men over there. But as these things go, everything has its season, and Adam Champ has moved on.

This week, he's featured in a hot suck and fuck season at Hairy Boyz. Adam and Angelo are getting in on in an alley. For them, it's all about getting caught - it makes the sex hotter. Adam Champ is a good-looking, hairy hunk from South America. I forget where he's from actually, Argentina I think, but I could be wrong. And like most Latin men, Champ has an uncut cock. His cock's also pretty thick.

Angelo gets down on his knees in the dirty alley and sucks Champ's cock. Then this hairy Latin man does some service duty, too. Finally, Angelo bends over as much as he can in this narrow alley and leans against the wall; Champ slides his thick cock into Angelo's ass and starts fucking him. I'm really pretty hot for that first photo in this series where Champ is holding Angelo in his arms and the two men are kissing. What a hot fucking photo!

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