Emerson is the all-American guy. He's good looking and quite cute, he has a ripped body, and he's swinging a healthy piece of dick between his legs. There's an innocence about him that's really appealing. And in many of his pictures, he wearing a geeky smile that makes him look naive and starry-eyed, like you could talk him into your bed with the offering of a chocolate bar.

Emerson is straight, but he loves gay men. And he's one of the new guys that Sean Cody has imported from the mid-West. I can't wait to see what Sean Cody has in store for this horny stud. "I have a lot of gay friends," he says. "I love hanging out with them at the gay bars. They're so much fun!" He's going to love hanging out with them at Sean Cody, too, and they'll be showing him a different kind of fun.

But for now, Emerson is introducing us to his hot, ripped body and his meaty cock. Emerson jerks his big cock all over Sean Cody's couch. He gets down on all fours and supports himself on one arm while jerking with the other, and this gives a good look at his strong, tight body. He's so ripped! When he finally lies back on the sofa to shoot his load, it's a hot sight. Emerson is a sprayer. His cock jets out watery drops of spunk all over his six pack, cum is flying everywhere and it just keeps coming and coming. And Emerson is so expressive. He's moaning, groaning, and muttering a symphony of "oh Gods." He really had a good time. And I'm betting we're going to see a lot more of this well-hung, all-American stud.

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