How Does Alexander Gustavo Fare as a Cocksucker? How Does Alexander Gustavo Fare as a Cocksucker?

Alexander Gustavo is the winner of the 2014 Grabby award for best bottom. Which makes him the reining champ when it comes to bottoming. Nice, but can he suck cock just as well as he can take it up the ass? We will soon find out as Hot House puts him up to the test by banishing him to the Control Room.

Few things to keep in mind before sucking. Never use your hands and try to get the entire cock in your mouth. Once Alexander has boned up on these tips, it is time to get started. Sporting an 8-inch cut cock, a hunky dude positions himself in front of the glory hole. Ready to get blown. Not wasting a minute Alexander gets to work, sucking that cock off with all his might. He does a good job as the hunk moans in pleasure and soon busts his nut. Mission accomplished? Not quite, as cock #2 and cock #3 are still yet to be tested. How will Alexander fare with those cocks? You will have to watch the video to find out!

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