Why Is Ajay Laws Now Jordan Roberts!? Why Is Ajay Laws Now Jordan Roberts!?

Seems like we're always asking questions about this guy. First, it was who is Ajay Laws? Now, it's why has he been renamed Jordan Roberts? If it wasn't for that awful space in his teeth, we might not have recognized him! That's not true. After all, how could you mistake that smooth, muscular body and those big, droopy balls? No matter. Next Door Male has gone and scooped up the beefy stud from Gay Hoopla, given him a new name and is featuring him in a workout solo.

The studio says that "Jordan" is a Southern transplant (and he's got the twangy accent to prove it) who now lives in Florida. In a video interview, he says that he enjoys going to the beach with friends, being in charge in bed--oh, and "face-sitting." He also likes his ears played with. Then the young jock pumps a bit of iron before pumping his still-large meat. In between awkwardly flirting with the camera, Jordan humps the bench and fingers his sweet hole before spewing rich cream on his tummy. All good. But...one more question: Why did they have to give this engaging newcomer such a bland, generic name!? For more information, visit Next Door Male.

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