Acrobatic Fucking

I've been following Sean Cody for a couple of months now, and one thing that I've noticed - aside from the hot, fit guys - is that Sean Cody is a big fan of acrobatic fucking. We've all done it at one time or another: one foot up on the bathroom vanity while your man fucks you from behind, or hanging off the kitchen counters and pounding your man's hole, or standing on your head against the wall readying yourself for an upside-down fuck. Trevor and Keith are really hot for one another. Trevor especially likes his guys tall, lean, and cute. Things start off normally enough: kissing, sucking, rimming; and even when the fucking starts, it's pretty "normal" in the position department. But then Trevor lies on the floor, places his legs on the sofa, and hoists his whole torso in the air; with his abs bulging tight, Keith lowers himself onto Trevor's hard cock. Then Keith lies in the corner of the sofa with his rump up in the air, Trevor gets on his hands and knees on the sofa's edge and lowers his stiff cock into Keith's hungry fuck hole. And on it goes. These two studs do a whole lot of acrobatic fucking; and while it might not always be possible for us non-porn star people to achieve, it sure is fun to watch!

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