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Park Wiley is at Men Over 30 for some more action. In the past he's normally the one getting his butt fucked, but this time they've paired him up with a hot bottom. Finn Daniels is a west coast boy; he's beefy and loves tattoos. Beefy Finn describes himself as "curious"; but as you'll soon see he must be pretty curious indeed. He wastes no time sucking Park's cock. And after swapping blowjobs for a few minutes, Finn pushes his ass in Park's face. After Park slides his tongue around Finn's shaved butt hole, he starts inching his dick into Finn's "curious" butt hole. And the guys get into some acrobatic fucking. Finn does a handstand while Park stands on the sofa, holds Finn's legs steady, and fucks his cock down into Finn's ass. Then Finn rides Park's cock. And in the final scene Park fucks Finn on his back until they both cover Finn's entire Torso with a lot of cum! Finn shoots right up onto his own chest; it's quite something to see!

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