Abuse Will

This is the official blog of Abuse Will. Chronicling the master/slave relationship between Adam (Master) and his BFF Will (Slave). Adam is an experienced sadist and master and he is only in his mid twenties. He thrives of being dominant, making cute slaves squeal and scream. While at the same time being able to cum with no stimulation.

Will is the slave and Adam dominates his every movement, all day every day. What Will eats, to when and how he cums, to how much beatings he will get. Being truly interactive users have a say on what will happen to Will in future episodes. How he gets tortured, to what humiliations he will receive to how much pain he must endure. All the pictures are real, hardcore and original. No actors, porn professionals or theatrics. Just the life of a master and his slave recorded on film. This is not for the faint of heart, but if you love BDSM you will love this site.

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