There's something about a big cock that fires the imagination. A hot guy is even hotter when he sports a huge veiny shaft, thrusting aggressively upward. Being well-hung makes a man respected among straight men and both men and women gossip about a guy with a massive endowmen. So - what's our fascination for big dicks?

For one thing, a guy is simply imposing sporting huge wood. After all, our culture loves anything big - big breasts and big muscles are always appreciated so why not big dicks? Superheros always have larger than life biceps, larger than life thighs so there's something almost legendary about a guy with a really legendary-sized cock.

Then there's the way a big dick feels. If you love BIG dildos and BIG buttplugs, of course you'd rather have a nice big cock to fantasize about - something that would really fill the mouth or other orifices. And of course sex is always better if you have a really good-sized rod to play with.

But for me, the best part of big cocks is the way they look. I love websites like Extra Big Dicks or His First Huge Cock because they really feed my fantasy. I like to see sites with naturally enormous rods - I'm not into morphed dicks like they have at Monster Gay Cocks, although some guys like those impossibly huge pics. I think there's nothing as hot as a guy sucking an GIANT cock that he can barely wrap his lips around.

But I must admit there's nothing like watching a guy stroking a great big dick. Seeing him wrap his fingers around the thick shaft and pump his meat up and down, his cock big enough that you can see the lengthy shaft while his hand moves up and down. And if you're a big dick fan, I bet you know exactly what I mean ;)

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