A Young David Beckham? A Young David Beckham?

Brett Beckham has done the walk from Randy Blue over to Guys in Sweatpants to get his ass fucked by Austin Wilde. This is the second Randy Blue / Guys in Sweatpants co-production. A few weeks back Austin Wilde bare fucked self sucker Dominic Santos and that debut at Randy Blue. And in a fair is fair, tit for tat, this latest Wilde-Beckham fuck scene debuts at Guys in Sweatpants. And if you like big cocks sliding into little butts, your dick will love you for checking this one out.

Guys in Sweatpants subtitled this video: A Young David Beckham? I never did get the big hoopla over David Beckham. He's just a footballer who happened to catch a lot of attention because he married a Spice Girl. I guess he's a good soccer player too, but I honestly wouldn't know, I've never been able to watch a game -- they're so long and nothing ever happens except players faking injuries to get the other team a coloured card, or something like that. Now rugby and all those beefy men pushing each other in that huddle thing (can you tell I'm not really into sports?) that's fucking hot, especially those big meaty butts and thighs. Anyway, back to David Beckham -- we're so obsessed with celebrity, aren't we?. So obsessed that Randy Blue's Brett Beckham choose the footballer's surname as his own.

I can see similiarities between the two Beckhams, but honestly, I think Brett Beckham looks more like Pornland's Chris Harder. (You can see Harder here in a post we did about him.) I even think Brett Beckham looks more like Falcon's Sebastian Kross, but maybe that's because they have giant tattoos across their chests. One thing Brett Beckham has over the soccer player is that he's furry, or at least he doesn't shave his body; and another is that he's got a furry butt and accommodates Austin Wilde's big bare cock very nicely. A young David Beckham? Not really. A hot fuck? Yes, very much.

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