rsz_stephenbeck.jpgThey say things come in threes and the third time's the charm. Well, guess what? We don't know who "they" are and, frankly, we've seen evidence to the contrary. Take, for example, this double dose of sextasia from New York City impresario Daniel Nardicio. On the first front, we have Steven Beck, a chocolate stick of gooey deliciousness from small-town, Missouri who was recently featured on As Daniel enthusiastically notes:

"Steven says he pretty much likes doing everything outside and would live naked amongst nature if he could. On our camping trip with Steven we'd be sure to pack a lot of marshmallows, a lot of grease, and only one sleeping bag. How's that for roughing it?"

And don't forget those tight, bun-hugging wilderness shorts.

In other Nardicio news, a contest of epic proportions. Literally. Messr. N. has announced the 'Big Wangers' contest where one lucky and hugely proportioned, anatomically gifted male will walk away with a cool 200 bucks simply for being...blessed. If you think you've got the stuff - and you will be in the New York City area on Saturday, April 9 - send three pictures of your member for, ahem, judging purposes only to [email protected] If you are selected as one of the semi-finalists, you will be contacted by the authorities and given further instructions as to where and how to show the world just how unique you are in the universe.

Good luck. May the most penis-y man win!


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