How's THIS for a closeup? The cock in the pic belongs to Zack. Zack has been a Chaos Men regular for a while, but somehow although he's a very versatile guy, Zack's been pulling bottom duty for straight first timers for a while now. Since he's an excellent and powerful top with a big dick and a taste for anal sex, it was past time that Zack got to do some fucking.

Saber came to Chaos Men to help take on the straight boys, too - and does he ever love to get fucked! He hasn't been with Chaos Men for that long, but since this horny bottom has a hungry hole, he was the perfect guy to take on Zack.

The guys start their shoot off by pulling out their cocks and jerking them till they're both really turned on by stroking their dicks together and both are hard as hell. Of course, when are guys 19 and 21 years old NOT horny and hard?


Since both Zack and Saber love sucking cock, going 69 was the obvious way for both of them to get their taste. It's hard to say who's more into it because each one is so focused on slurping the other's rod!


When Zack finally slams his cock into Saber's manhole, he shows that being a bottom in so many videos hasn't made him forget anything about topping. Zack fucks Saber's ass raw and shows he knows just how to give a bottom a really good time!


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