Wow! What more can you say? This is Criss and he's the latest to join the hot, straight guys over at Next Door Male. At 6'3", 188 pounds, and packing a 9 and 3/4inch donkey-cock, this stud HAS something to offer. Criss starts out on the couch, he's wearing a nice shirt and some khakis. As he watches a porn video, he rubs his crotch and that formidable piece of meat is making a nice bulge. Once warmed up, Criss strips out of his clothes and sits back completely nude and jacks that big cock of his. He grips it tight around the base and holds it straight up in the air so we can admire its magnificence. Criss cool down a bit in the shower and then he moves the bedroom for his grand finale. Criss takes a slower approach and takes some time to dry hump the bed. With a pillow under his pelvis, he pumps away and it's pretty hot watching his ass work rhythmically. Finally, Criss lies back on the bed and gets ready to dump his load. He's not a shooter, but instead, big gobs of thick cum oozes out of his cock and slide down his long shaft. It's pretty fucking hot.

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