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Russ is ex-Air Force and he's studying to be a chef. He dates casually, but doesn't have a special girl in his life yet. Russ also spends a lot of time in the gym. His body is ripped with a nice six-pack and meaty, hairy legs; and he's packing a thick cock with big, low-hanging balls.

Yuri's dream was always to visit the United States, so when he was a teenager, he learned English, and later when he turned 20, he took a break from college and left Poland for the U.S.. Thank God he did! Right now, he's traveling the country and earning money as a personal trainer. He's got a hot, gymnast's body, he's a little hairy, and he's sporting a nice, uncut cock.

When Russ and Yuri met for their video shoot, Sean Cody decided to let them have a little fun before the real fun began. They rented jet skis and raced around the harbor and even got into a little trouble with the harbor police for going too fast. Once they got back to the hotel, the guys decided to shower up and wash the salt water off their bodies. It's a good thing the cameras were rolling because things got started under the spray of hot water. Yuri was fascinated with Russ's ass and lathered it up with soap. When the guys were toweling off, Russ dropped to his knees and started sucking Yuri's uncut cock.

Then they moved to the sofa where Yuri started fucking Russ. This good-looking, American guy has really hairy legs and it doesn't stop there - Russ has a hairy fuck hole, too. Yuri inches his hard cock into Russ's hole, and then, when Russ was comfortable with his thick cock, Yuri fucked Russ' ass all over that couch. Russ eventually blasts his load all over his stomach while Yuri pounds his ass hard. But when Yuri was ready to blow his load, he raised Russ's feet in the air and covered them with cum, and then, he licked it off! When Sean Cody asked Yuri if he's always had a foot fetish, Yuri said, "No, it's something new, and something incredible."

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