philip aubrey

Phillip Aubrey does quite a bit of filming in the gay porn arena, and it's no wonder - he's cute, with a tight body and he's packing a solid 8.5 inches. I know him best from his scenes with his ex-real-life partner Spencer Reed. But alas, love doesn't conquer all and Phillip Aubrey is in this fucking scene with William Vos, who has been on Extra Big Dicks before, back in early 2010 when he took on a really big black cock.

William doesn't waste any time getting his mouth wrapped around Phillip's big cock. Philip lies back on the couch and watches his dick disappear down William's throat. And William's a good cocksucker and can take it balls deep. The guys swap blowjobs in a 69 cock sucking session. William's no slouch in the dick department either, he's got a juicy thick one.

After shoving his tongue up William's ass, Phillip fucks this cocksucker doggy style and really opens him up. Then they move to the couch and Phillip holds William's legs up in the air and drills his hole. They end up on the floor for the finale - William is riding Phillip's cock and jerking his own and he blasts his load all over Aubrey's smooth chest and belly. Then William lies beside Aubrey while he busts his nut all over his cum-soaked torso.

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