Hot Duo

Parker Williams is a hot fucking man. I've enjoyed watching him in many gay porn movies, so I was thrilled to see him turn up on Men Over 30. And when I went back to the site this week, Parker was back again with a young 18-year-old guy. Parker is ruggedly handsome, his body rippling in muscles, his torso covered in fur, and his dick is fat and long. And Luke is one lucky stud. Luke loves well-built, good-looking men in their prime, and he was more than happy to make room for this daddy.Grabbing Luke in his strong arms, they kiss passionately. And then Luke gets down on his knees and starts working Parker's cock, swallowing every inch of it. Parker moved Luke to the chair, sat him down, and deep throated his cock and teased his fuck hole with his tongue. With a rock-solid pole, Parker aimed the knob of his cock against Luke's rosebud. And as Luke starts to feel Parker's cock sliding into his fuck hole, he says, "Yea, fuck me." Parker responds with long, purposeful strokes. Sliding Luke on his back, Parker piston fucked the hungry bottom until Luke spewed a massive load all over his chest.




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