Swapping Blowjobs

Kenny's back at Next Door Buddies and it's been far too long. In this video he's paired up with his newfound buddy Ricky M.. And you'll remember Ricky M - he's the spitting image of the Latino heart-throb and pop singer. (If you want to check out Ricky M's cock sucking debut, click the link for some hot pictures in the blog entry. You won't believe how much he looks like Ricky Martin.) Kenny and Ricky were chillin' out in the pool last weekend when Ricky suggested they go inside for some fun. Kenny hadn't gotten a piece the night before, so he was open to the idea of getting off. And this straight guy has played with guys before, so it's no big deal for him. It's all good when you're looking to bust a nut. Ricky lies down naked on the bed and Kenny joins him, sucking the stud's big cock. When Kenny's jaw starts to tire of Ricky's big uncut cock, Ricky suggested he lie back and give his mouth a rest. Ricky swallows his buddy's long cock and pays attention to Kenny's cock head, tonguing it and driving Kenny crazy. After some hot 69 cock sucking the guys are ready to explode, so they lie back on the bed and jack themselves off and squirting their loads all over one another. Now that's what friends are for!



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