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Jarek showed up on Sean Cody a few months back, and since then he's fucked six guys with his big dick. He's naturally lean and he works out in the gym six days a week. In high school he says, "My dick was pretty big for my age. It was fun watching the other guys secretly compare."

Johnny showed up on Sean Cody about the same time that Jarek did, and like Jarek, Johnny has fucked a few guys, but Johnny has also gotten his ass fucked once, and this session with Jarek makes two. Both of these guys have big dicks and they're in very good shape.

Sean Cody had these guys get the testosterone flowing by doing a little boxing. Johnny really loves being nude, so after a few jabs back and forth, he suggested the guys lose their clothes and up the ante. And once Jarek got a look at Johnny's ripped, naked body, he said he wasn't interested in boxing anymore. He got on his knees and Johnny fed him his fat cock. And Johnny does have a beautifully thick dick. It's a cocksucker's dream come true and you can see that Jarek is really enjoying licking and sucking it.

After swapping blowjobs, Johnny lay across the back of the sofa and Jarek mounted him. Jarek is an aggressive fucker and really drives his big hard dick into Johnny's ass. Johnny gets down on the floor, hoists his legs over his head, and Jarek thrusts down into his hole. Sean Cody always does love filming acrobatic sex and these two well-hung studs gets into some pretty wild fucking positions. When it's all over Johnny is drenched in cum and Jarek is covered in sweat.

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