massage with happy ending

Marc spends two to fours in the gym every day. "Right now I'm about 230," he said. "I'm getting ready for a competition in a few months." And with intense workouts comes tension, muscle fatigue, and soreness. Enter Isaac: "I have always wanted to massage a bodybuilder," the 20-year-old, smooth stud said. Sean Cody likes to make dreams come true.

Marc stripped naked and lied down on the massage table. Isaac went to work massaging those huge, bulging shoulders. "I couldn't believe how big his muscles felt in my hands!" Isaac said. "Sometimes they were hard to get my hands around." But once Isaac hit that round, muscular butt, he lost all his composure. He spread Marc's butt cheeks and dove inside with his tongue. Then Marc flipped over and Isaac got to work massaging Marc's cock with the back of his throat.

Funny thing about bodybuilders is a lot of times their dicks are diminished by all that big muscle. That's not the case with Marc. He's got a meaty cock that hangs liberally between his massive thighs. This man has a huge dick! And Isaac slobbers all over it, even gets face fucked off the end of the massage table until this bodybuilder blows a big load

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