God DAMN! This pic of Dereck from Maskurate has me breathing hard. It's not just that he's one hunky piece of muscle - and he is - or that he has a very promising bulge pressing against his tighty whiteys - which he does. Okay, I must admit that the sight of this gorgeous man taking off his pants is very hot, but what makes it even hotter is the fact that he's wearing a mask! The anonymity of the mask adds a feeling of mystery. It's like Dereck has a secret...

And of course, a lot of the guys at Maskurbate DO have a secret. They want to do a porn shoot - they're really turned on by the idea - but they don't want anyone to know it was them.


Dereck is probably the hunkiest, most masculine and all-out gorgeous model that Maskurbate has had yet. He also may be the horniest. He may be straight, but he couldn't wait to grab that hard cock and get to work on it.


And what a piece of man meat he has! Dereck's cock is perfectly shaped with a shaft just slightly thicker than the head. And since he's wearing a mask, he has no problem jacking off in front of the camera!


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