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Every once in a while, a gay porn star stops by Men Over 30 to spice things up. And this week Park Wiley is jacking his meat for us on the mature men site. Park Wiley has made over two dozen gay porn movies since 2002, and he's won a couple of awards along the way. And when Park is having a good time by himself, there are two buttons that always get him hard and excited. With one hand wrapped around his balls, he tweaks his nipple with the other. Within a couple of minutes, the sexy bald man's cock is rock hard and ready for a hard pumping sessions. He likes watching straight porn when he's jacking off -- he loves watching straight men fuck. Park continues stroking his dick and playing with his nipples. His nuts pull up tight against his body and get ready to spew a hot load. He lets out a loud grunt, and then, several blasts of thick splooge shoot across his abs. Park Wiley knows how to get it done.

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