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Dominic Portland is back on Men Over 30. He's figured out that since he jacks his dick three times a day anyway, he might as well make some cash doing it. Dominic is a straight guy, but I'm betting that it won't be long before he finds a man down between those beefy thighs of his. I, for one, can't wait to see a cock sucker down on his knees and nursing on Dominic's big, fat dick. I'm not sure Dominic will be into it, but I figure once he gets comfortable in front of the camera, and Men Over 30 waves a few Benjamins in his face; he'll be whipping out his fat chunk of meat and getting it serviced. From behind Dominic looks pretty hot. He's got a beautifully firm and round butt, lightly covered in fur with a thick dark patch crawling between those butt cheeks. In this video Dominic lies back on a sofa and pumps his fat dick in his fist. When he's done, several large white pearls of cum cover his six pack abs.

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