Brock from Maskurbate is a bodybuilder with incredible muscular arms and a handsome face - what we can see of it. His nipples look warm, soft and lickable and his firm chest also caught my eye. Let's face it - Brock would be a turn-on no matter what, but in that mask, he's a wet dream come true. His charisma, his looks, his muscular athletic body and that feeling of anonymity the mask brings add up to one fucking hot man who I can't wait to see more of!

The more of Brock you see the better he looks. His masculine jaw, hard chest, hulking shoulders and mighty abs all draw the eye but it's the mask that really adds to the fantasy


Of course Brock has one more thing going for him - his thick meaty cock! And what a piece of beef that is - long and heavy and perfectly shaped. Wouldn't you love to suck on that?


The only thing hotter than seeing Brock naked and wearing a mask is watching Brock as he strokes and jerks off that huge piece of man meat. Don't you wish you were there?


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