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I love Christian Wilde. Ever since seeing him for the first time a couple of years ago on Next Door Buddies, I've had a hard-on for this stud. He's a tall and good-looking guy and he's packing a substantial dick between his legs. He's back this week for another romp on Next Door Buddies.

Christan Wilde arrived home at his apartment to find the place completely trashed. Knowing that Christian was going to be out all night at his girlfriend's, Brandon Lewis threw a party. Christian searches through the house and eventually finds his buddy, Brandon, passed out on the billiards table. Christian decides to wake him up in an interesting way - he reaches into Brandon's and begins massaging his morning wood.

Brandon stirs and now he's horny. He sucks Christian's big cock. Then the guys swap blowjobs and even get into some 69 cocksucking. Since Christian disturbed Brandon's morning recovering from his hangover, Brandon suggests that Christian pays him back by stuffing his hard cock inside his tight butt. Christian throws a fuck into Brandon and the guys shoot a couple of juicy cum loads. Geez ... if this happened every time I had a hangover, I'd probably drink a lot more. Check out the hot preview video over at Next Door Buddies.

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