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21 year old Mika Poika is an up and coming porn guy with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes, just like you'd expect from a guy from Finland. He's also got a toned body and a big, thick uncut cock. While some guys have to struggle to make it in porn, Mika is one of Fresh SX's most popular models and has appeared on the covers of several magazines. He says he loves posing nude and he really loves having sex with hot guys on camera. And who could blame him - that sure sounds good to me!

Here's Mika before the shoot really got going. His foreskin is hoodking the head of his cock and and you can see that he's got nice, full low-hanging balls.

Mika PoikaFreshSX_02.jpg

Once Mika has played with himself a little for the camera, you can see he's really turned on - hot, horny and way fucking hard! And it's not just his cock. Everything about him looks ready to go.

Mika PoikaFreshSX_03.jpg

And here's a my favorite closeup of Mika's pride and joy - his fat 8 inch pole. That uncut piece of euro meat looks like more than a generous mouthful!

Mika PoikaFreshSX_04.jpg

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