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There's nothing hotter than an encore! Tony Dinero pulled his 9-inch cock for us on Extra Big Dicks back in February (check out his blog here at Gay Demon: 9-Inch Italian Cock, and this week, he is back giving us another nine! The night before his video shoot for Extra Big Dicks, Tony scored, so he was all grins when he arrived for his big dick tugging session. But don't worry, he's young and horny enough to be able to pull off back-to-back cum drenching sessions. In fact, this horny stud is always on the ready. He even told the Extra Big Dicks guys that he got some on the flight home from his last video session, so I guess Tony is now a member of the Mile-High Club! In this video Tony teases us by hiding the goods under a chef's apron. When he pulls it off, he's still being a tease by wearing a jockstrap. But finally, he fishes that 9-inch dick out and sets about getting it stiff; but not before we get a nice look at that meaty cock and big balls hanging heavily between his legs. Tony is so horny that he doesn't even remove his sneakers. He just lies back naked on the bed and pounds his meat until he spews a healthy load all over his belly!

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