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Nine is a mighty fine number, don't you think? It sure is when you're talking about Extra Big Dicks, and this week the big cock site is showing off a hot New Yorker and his 9-inch cock. And it's a spicy Italian sausage, too! Tony Dinero is 29 years old, he's good looking and sporting a couple day's worth of face scruff; and his body is lean and smooth. I love watching him sitting in a chair with his legs spread wide and his huge cock hanging heavily between his legs, his big, sensitive balls resting on the cool leather. What a sight! And this straight stud has done it all. He tells a story about banging a date in the washroom at an expensive restaurant, and then, in the next breath, he's talking about getting a handjob at a crowded table in another restaurant. Geez ... restaurant sex! Now that's an appetizing thought. Maitre D', table for two please! But in this video, it's Tony who is doing the stroking. He lies back on the floor, with a pillow tucked behind his head, and he grabs that stiff monster in his fist and pumps. When he's done, his smooth belly is covered in spunk!

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