Imagine riding up and down on this thick long pole. Be it using your mouth, your ass, or whatever you're into, Drew is one young hung hunk that is definitely worth looking at. EXTRA BIG DICKS bring us this Dean Winters look-a-like. Remember Oz? Recall all those hot, beastly cons in the shower with their huge dicks and sometimes raunchy behaviour. Yeah, I bet you do. How could you forget that? Let's take a gander at Drew and soak his massive cut member.


Damn, what a luscious piece of meat. A person could spend a lot of time on a thick cock like Drew's. Straight as an arrow, it sticks right up in the air, ready for whatever cums along to engulf it. I have a few holes that would accommodate his tool.


Man oh man. I just love this pose. The way he grips his meat evokes a sense of commandment. He's the boss with a fuck stick like that in my opinion. His shaft is so hard. Like a piece of steel ready to penetrate any willing receiver.


I think I'll have to go now. My hardon is just too much to deal with without....releasing some tension. EXTRA BIG DICKS supplies all the huge dicks you will ever need. Read the review, then head on over and see Drew and his friends in some incredible action. The beef is abundant and the hunks are plentiful.

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