Oh man, whenever I see a big black 9 inch cock I just about cum my jeans. Of course, it's much better when it's attached to a lithe, sinewy muscular physique and cute face. Meet Shay guys. EXTRABIGDICKS supplied some great preview shots of this ebony stud who seems to be causing quite a stir in the gay adult world. He's got just the right amount of bad boy persona, equipped with a tool that could tame even the horniest ass into submission.


At 6' 6" tall and lean as a greyhound, Shay epitomizes tall, dark and handsome. Wouldn't you agree? What with that extra-long trouser snake that seems to go on forever, deep, dark smouldering eyes, and awe-inspiring 8-pack abs, I'd Shay is just about as perfect a specimen of male there is.


Shay grabs his massive pole in a vise-like grip, causing the huge mushroom head to swell up to the size of a peach. I'm sure most of us would like nothing more than to be on our knees, working our tongues down into the huge pisshole. The intense warmth of Shay's member is akin to a volcano just before it's explosive erruption.


See Shay's hot lava rolling down the valleys of his luscious abs. Lick it all up. Clean up his hot salty man-lava like a good boy should. Mmmm. Looks like Shay is still hard. Time to get to work then eh? So you want to see some bottom boys get down on Shay's humungous cock? Hit the the link to EXTRABIGDICKS and you'll get that and then some. Guaranteed.

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