Seth's Big Cock

I have said many times here before that I really prefer sucking a comfortably average cock. And that's the truth. I just find an average-sized dick feels better in my mouth and it's easier to handle. And Frankly, I love sucking cock for a long time and I can do that easily with an average-sized cock. However, that doesn't prevent me from fantasizing about getting down on my knees and sucking a cock like this. In fact that's the first thing I want to do. I know that it'll all be over in a few quick minutes and my mouth will hurt, but I still fantasize about doing it. Seth is a 22 year old full-time student from North Carolina. He's always fantasized about doing some porn for fun, but never really imagined going this far. He could go a lot further with that 9.5-inch cock of his. And at 6 inches around, we'd call that a pussy stretcher because Seth is straight. In fact, his girlfriend even came to the shoot with him to watch. And it looked like she was getting pretty turned on. You just know that these two went home and fucked - hard and fast. Anyway, in this Next Door Male video clip Seth gets that monster cock of his really hard, and then, he jacks off all over the bathroom vanity. I love watching a guy working his big piece of meat, and Seth was no exception.

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