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I've always had a thing for dark-haired men, and Ricky Larkin is a stud whose 9-inch dick I'd love to ride. Unfortunately for me, Cole Streets swallows up this big dick and doesn't leave an inch for anyone else. Cole is well hung himself, standing at 8 inches full hard, so this scene from Extra Big Dicks is a double dose of long, meaty cock.

When getting fucked Cole really prefers the big boys; he likes to know he's getting fucked. But before spearing his ass onto Ricky's big, meaty cock, Cole gets down on his knees and shows off his deep throating skills.

Ricky really gets off watching Cole worship his meat. And as skilled a cocksucker as Cole is, Ricky's dick is so big that Cole chokes, sputters, and gags. Amateur! After getting his meat serviced, Ricky puts Cole down on all fours and rims his ass, then Cole sits on Ricky's dick and makes it disappear. Ricky gets in behind Cole and fucks his ass good with long, show-off strokes where he pulls all the way out then rams it deep inside. When it's all over, Cole's furry abs and chest are covered with Ricky's ample load of spunk and Cole's ass is well fucked and satisfied, although I'm sure if could standing another dicking if Ricky were up for it.

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