horny hunks in gang bang sex

A gang seven of the hottest hunks from Next Door Buddies recently were outside the studio washing cars in their skimpy shorts and they got thoroughly soaking wet. When they headed inside to get dried off and change out of their wet shorts, things heated up.

Samuel O'Toole, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Campbell Stevens, Johnny Torque, Donny Wright, and Brody Wilder started working their stiff cocks in a circle jerk, and it's not long before a couple of the guys get on their knees and start sucking dick.

Rod Daily and Marcus Mojo do bottom duty and get their butts royally fucked. And when this horny gang of studs is ready to start spunking, Donny Wright gets down on his knees and offering his hairy torso as a canvas and these studs cover him with jizz.

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