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Issac Conn and Dylan McLovin are hanging out by the pool in this Next Door Buddies video. They're both wearing tight-fitting underwear and sunning themselves. It's apparent that the guys are feeling horny, and as McLovin crawls behind his buddy and nuzzles him, we see Issac's bulge start to stiffen. The guys slip out of their underwear and kiss a little. But they don't get into it until they head inside for the privacy of Dylan's bedroom. Issac lies naked across the bed and Dylan chows down on his cock, sucking it to its full and stiff potential. With his own cock rock hard now, Issac manoeuvres around and starts sucking his buddy's cock. The two remain locked in a frenzy of 69 cock sucking until Issac rolls over onto his belly and offers his firm ass to his buddy. Dylan obliges and slides his stiff cock inside his buddy. By the end of it Issac is covered is sweat and cum, and the two guys head into the shower to clean up.

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