69 Cock Sucking

Beefy muscle man Michael Buck made his debut appearance on Men Over 30. And what a hot fucking hunk of man. He's built like the proverbial tank with super broad shoulders and thick torso. And this muscle stud is straight. Yes, he has a thing for the ladies. Now that's a damned shame. But when Men Over 30 approached the subject, Buck said he'd be willing to try out a little guy-on-guy action. So they paired him up with Lee, a well-experienced gay man who has a tendency for the bottom side of things. Michael said in his interview that he was a passionate guy, and he was a little taken aback when Lee was just as passionate. After their first kiss together, Michael pointed at Lee and said, 'He kisses good!'

Lee breaks the ice by giving Michael a shoulder massage. His hands roam over Michael's shoulders, his bulging biceps, and down his massive pecs. Then Michael starts doing a little exploring of his own. Kneeling face to face, they grope and massage one another. Lee licks Michael's nipples while the muscle stud releases his cock. Lee dives for it and Michael is in awe for the first moments of feeling a guy's mouth around his cock. After a long slow blowjob session (Michael even gets into a 69 position on top of Lee) the two studs lie side by side and jack their meat together. And when it's all over he looks at the camera and says to any straight men out there, "Don't knock it til you try it!"

Sucking Cock

Standing in the doorway, muscle stud Michael coaxes his cock sucking buddy to go a little deeper.

Sucking Cock

Lying back, Michael enjoys feeling Lee's cock sucking lips wrapped around his dick.

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