They say the average human body temperature is 98.6° F. If you do the math when there are 3 hot men engaged in a scenario of hardcore gay carnal indulgement, a fire the likes of a massive inferno ensues. Alexy, Bo and Marcos of REAR STABLE got together to see just how much heat they could generate amongst themselves. The result? Well....let's take a look. Be sure to bring along your fire hose!


Talk about heat! With that sweet blonde asshole open and ready for a big cock, the flame is ignited and stoked up for a long burn. Watching 3 manly men getting down to all the nasty behaviour their primitive minds can muster is just about all I need to get hard as iron and whip out my prick. How about you? Perhaps you want some more.


There we go! Entry has been made and the friction begins! All that hot flesh. All that muscle, hair, sweat and meat. REAR STABLE always delivers, as do their stars every time they perform.


Oh to be licking that taut sphincter while Alexy drives his big bone all the way home into Bo Matthews. These shots are just awesome, but if you would like to see this action for real, the free gallery link isn't too far away. The heat grows to epic proportions there so make sure you're ready. Your fire hose should be out and ready to douse the fire in your groin.

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