2 Sean Cody Bottoms Battling for a Record 2 Sean Cody Bottoms Battling for a Record

Seeing a top leaning on a guy's head is my new obsession. I love the raw aggression of it -- "Take my fucking cock, bitch!" (Although apparently we're not supposed to say the B word anymore.) And it gets me hard thinking about how long it's been since a nasty bad boy pushed my face into the mattress, or the floor -- there's nothing like trying to explain rug burn up and down the side of your head.

Porter is one of Sean Cody's power bottoms. And right now he's in a competition with Joey and they're running neck and neck -- or is it hole and hole -- with nine bottom scenes each. (Joey is featured below with Parker.) In fact, neither one has topped yet, although Joey might have stuck his dick in another guy during some daisy chain fucking in a threeway with Randy and Jordan, it's kind of hard to keep all the cocks straight. It'd be interesting to see what would happen if Sean Cody put these two in a scene together -- I suppose we could watch them knit.


Watch the beginning of Dean's and Porter's preview reel, and tell me that you're not getting a love vibe off this pair. Then watch them fuck. They've got it bad for each other. And no matter which way Porter is taking Dean's long dick, he's loving it and Dean enjoys screwing him. And one last thing before I call this one done: Check out Porter's pudgy little feet flailing around in the air, aren't they just the cutest things?

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