• Amateur Action: Two-Handed Penis Massage

    How romantic! Or not, because this is purely hands on cock, no cuddling, talking, kissing, or long walks on the beach at sunset to be found. Though who knows what happened before and after the camera was on.

    And it all still leads to a mechanical-looking ejaculation, albeit with some full body orgasm components (the shaking, the slight grunting). And I think the handjob recipient had a good, potentially mind-blowing time. And he can confidently put "Handjob Recipient" on his résumé. 

    Right next to "Hawaiian Pizza Eater" and "Body Oil Enthusiast" (educated guess).

    But overall, fuck the horrible background music. Just turn it off and flip on something decent, like Cher's new ABBA tribute album Dancing Queen. Or Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag. Trust me.

    And on a sexual note, because that seems apropos, despite the pretentiousness of the tantra concept (or at least some tantra proponents), it's wholly valid and can inspire other ways of touch and sharing beyond the most traditional and obvious. Just because a penis is a stick doesn't mean it has to be rubbed in a certain way or that every moment of touch is all about driving toward ejaculation.

    Nor do these different forms of touch have to be done by someone to someone else. It can be a solo affair, preceded by (or during) a long, romantic walk on the beach at sunset.

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  • Public Exposure: Cock Is Everywhere

    Public Exposure: Cock Is Everywhere

    You're minding your own business at a service station at night and you spot a naked guy lovingly washing his truck. Or at least lustfully as the erection reveals. And I'm used to car-wash erections only being related to the customers at Speedo-clad college men's soccer teams charity car washes. But I guess he has his reasons.

    As does the guy fucking his friend on the hood of the car. At least I hope they're friends and can call each other when in need, like if one is sick and needs stuff from the grocery store. Or if one's hole is greedy for penetration by stuff from the grocery store.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Pumped Cocks & Sacks

    Kink Spotlight: Pumped Cocks & Sacks

    Don't try this at home. Do try it while at your job as a judge. But if you're doing the latter, expect to be fired and disbarred as happened to the infamous pumping judge. Don't worry about feeling for him as if he experienced some sex-negative backlash. He was creating a hostile work environment and was a shitty judge anyhow.

    So actually do try this at home if you want, because it's consensual, and (as long as you get properly schooled by a good, informative sex toy seller and use all safety precautions and correct equipment), it should be generally fine to do. If you extend into saline or (shudder) silicone pumping, talking to your hopefully sex-positive doctor is exceptionally important, especially for the latter. 

    And if you're feeling shy or ashamed about it, well that's a good gut check to tell you you're not quite as sexually liberated as being kinky may imply. They are sometimes mutually exclusive.

    Gradual is key, and I imagine part of the fun, as is documenting the experience visually. Some folks may want a pleasant tug and swell, while others are going for specific length and thickness (and ball size and hang) goals, temporary or permanent.

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  • Barber Gets a Big Tip from His Handsome Client

    Barber Gets a Big Tip from His Handsome Client

    Steaven the barber has had a crush on this client ever since he started coming to the shop. Thomas Friedl is handsome, easy going, and he's a bit of a flirt. On this visit Thomas is showing off a big bulge and catches the barber eyeing it a couple of times. He sits in the chair and the barber gets to work with the usual cut. When he's done he pulls off the cape saying, "All done?" Thomas says they're not all done and unzips his trousers releasing his giant cock. The barber gives it a couple of tugs, then gets on his knees. 

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  • Cuban Hottie Jos Alvarez Gets Fucked By Two Eight-Inch Straight Cocks

    Cuban Hottie Jos Alvarez Gets Fucked By Two Eight-Inch Straight Cocks

    Jonny Cox is has quickly become the new hottest thing at Broke Straight Boys. This bona fide straight guy was encouraged to apply to the site by his girlfriend, a decision she may end up regretting. Why? Because all the BSB are eager to get a crack at Jonny's eight-inch dick. Jos Alvarez is the latest to go for a ride on the straight boy's cock.

    I loved seeing Jonny sitting back in the chair holding his dick while Jos backed onto it and rode it in a reverse-sitting position. Come inside and see the second straight dick Alvarez fucked this week.

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  • Devin Franco Gets Fucked By Woody Fox in His Second Falcon Studios Scene

    Devin Franco Gets Fucked By Woody Fox in His Second Falcon Studios Scene

    Two weeks ago, Devin Franco appeared in his first-ever Falcon Studios video. He got fucked by Pierce Paris in Work It Up. This week, Franco is back in his second scene and this time he's getting fucked by Woody Fox in another episode from the DVD. And Franco doesn't stop there, he's already filmed his first threeway for the studio in Buddy System, a new DVD that debuts on October 5. And Franco is also slated to appear in a blowjob-only scene from the same DVD toward the end of the month.

    In case you haven't heard, Falcon Studios and Hot House have merged their members area so now you get access to over 3,800 videos from both studios -- and GayDemon surfers save 50% off the cost of a membership

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  • Inked Stud Gunner Canon Debuts on Active Duty

    Inked Stud Gunner Canon Debuts on Active Duty

    "Who the fuck is Gunner Cannon?" you ask. He's been around Pornland for a while. He started at Sean Cody in 2013 as Sheridan where he filmed three scenes, then he moved to Corbin Fisher where he filmed over two dozen videos as Rowan between 2014 and 2017. Now, after an eight-scene stint at Bromo and a couple of appearances at Reality Dudes, Gunner Cannon is making his debut on Active Duty. 

    Known only as Gunner on AD, he hasn't even filmed a solo, which is customary. He's diving right in with a threeway with Cole Weston and Laith Inkly.

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  • Mega-Hung Max Konnor Fucks In Two Bareback Scenes at Pride Studios

    Mega-Hung Max Konnor Fucks In Two Bareback Scenes at Pride Studios

    This weekend, sexy muscle hunk Max Konnor debuts in two bareback scenes for Pride Studios. The Manhattan-based performer has never appeared on the site, but this weekend he popped up in both an Extra Big Dicks and Men Over 30 scene. And they're both bareback.

    In I Need That Big Cock, Konnor has just finished his workout and is heading for the showers. At his locker, he discovers that he left his cock ring in his jacket, so he puts it on. Ceasar Ventura walks into the locker room and finds Max stroking his huge, throbbing meat. All Ceasar can say is: "I need that big cock."

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  • "Bareback Cuckolds" Debuts With Two Sexy Scenes

    "Bareback Cuckolds" Debuts With Two Sexy Scenes

    Bareback Cuckolds debuted this week at Lucas Entertainment with two sexy scenes. The second episode features the kinky relationship between an alpha top and his boy. It's not easy being in a relationship with Sergeant Miles. The world spins on his stick and if Drake Rogers doesn't like it, he knows where the door is. But Drake enjoys being Miles' beta boy and he services his alpha top without question. Drake's needs don't matter, his throat and ass exist to please Sergeant Miles and his fat cock. Come inside and see previews of the first scene with Sean Xavier and Jeffrey Lloyd.

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  • Amateur Action: Greedy, Deep Throat Cocksucker

    This guy could be in a mini-submarine, on its way down to explore the Marianas Trench, the deepest point in Earth's oceans, and he's be thinking about big cock going deep down his throat. For him, it's not the seven wonders of the world, but the seven-inch wonders of the world.

    Except seven isn't enough. Twenty wouldn't be enough. He's obsessed with cock and except for the cum he lets dribble and flow out of his temporarily sated mouth, there's only one direction: in.

    If you're up for a job as a deep-throat cocksucker and you see he's just leaving the alley, office, shed or motel room having finished his interview, give up on getting the job and just let him suck your cock too.

    He wants to suck cock and he wants to do it right. Maybe it's not always to the exact preference of the cock owner, but when he takes temporary ownership of the cock, in what could loosely be called an oral contract, they submit to his expertise.

    I can't fault any aspect of his cock sucking, but I have an equally deep and dramatic problem with the clashing and mutually ugly patterns of the carpet and couch. I hope this is a motel room as otherwise there's no excuse. Though I guess he needs something to distract from biological stains. Still, hardwood floors and hard cocks are the way to go.

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  • Isn't Dying Your Hair Platinum Blond a Sin?

    Isn't Dying Your Hair Platinum Blond a Sin?

    Elder Clarke has been called to the president's office, but he doesn't know why. Maybe his newly dyed platinum blond hair crosses some Mormon line. That's crazy, he thinks, he's seen all kind of weird hairdos at Temple. He wonders if Elder Jones felt guilty about their secretive romp in their quarters the other night. (Come inside and see a preview of their fuck session.) Maybe Jones tried purging his shame and confessed to president Lewis.

    Lewis orders Elder Clarke to strip down to his temple garments then ties him to the chair. He asks if Clarke has ever had unclean thoughts about other boys. The boy says he hasn't. Then the president slides his fingers between Clarke's thighs. "Have you ever touched yourself down here?" he asks. What do suppose happens next?

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  • Swallow That Big Load!

    Swallow That Big Load!

    Straight first-timer Rick liked the idea of getting his dick sucked, he even found the notion of filming his first blowjob exciting, but he's not ready for his close-up just yet. But when Cum Club site owner Seth Chase saw the length of Rick's dick, he agreed to let the stud wear a hat and sunglasses. Seth got on his knees and Rick's long cock slid easily down his throat. And it turns out that Rick shoots one of the biggest loads Seth says he's ever gulped down. 

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  • Two Latin Newbies Make Their First Pornos

    Two Latin Newbies Make Their First Pornos

    The latest scene at Latino Guys Porn features a guy who has never been fucked before. He agrees to be blindfolded and submit to this stranger. At first he thinks it's just going to be a little teasing and hole fingering, but you can see how far this session went. Even this lad was amazed he could take a dick up his ass.

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  • Flashback: Guys to Fawn Over

    Flashback: Guys to Fawn Over

    People don't fawn as much anymore, or if they do, they don't describe it as that. For the uninitiated, it means "seeking favor by servile flattery or exaggerated attention." A perfect example would be every interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers and that show's ilk.

    But in the context of a fawning fantasy, done through the lens of pornography, "servile flattery" turns into just spending your precious visual time on a specific image. And "exaggerated attention" means masturbating.

    As for the "seeking favor" part, there's nobody to give you favor back, unless you have an audience to your masturbation, and that person (or people) may be happy to grant you favor in exchange for your demonstration.

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  • Gay Student Confesses He's Crushing on His Straight Professor

    Gay Student Confesses He's Crushing on His Straight Professor

    College professor Adam Russo has called Max Adonis to his office because he's concerned about a bad mark the student got on his midterm. "You've been doing so well and then this last test ... what going on?" the professor asks. Max says that he's been distracted because he developed a crush on someone. Professor Russo offers him extra help, even one-on-one time to get him back on track. "I don't think one-on-one time is a good idea," Max says, adding, "my crush is you."

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