• "I'm Unclothed More Than I'm Clothed."

    "I'm Unclothed More Than I'm Clothed."

    Newcomer Chester admits to being a little nervous as he's about to make his first jerk-off video, but he says to Sean Cody, "As soon as I walk in my front door, I'm pretty much naked all the time. I'm unclothed more than I am clothed." And he weirdly adds, "I think my nuts have touched every surface in my apartment." Ewww. Note to self: Get a package of disposable, anti-bacterial wipes and carry them on my person always.

    And as far as sex goes, Chester says he's naturally a dominant guy and likes to fuck ass, but he likes taking it too. So we have some fun times coming in the weeks ahead. He's got a strong, curved cock crowned with a plump head. Yum!

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  • Freshmen: Pip Caulfield

    Freshmen: Pip Caulfield

    Pip Caulfield debuted on Freshmen back in August. And the Bel Ami spinoff site liked him so much that they brought him back for two additional scenes. He did a jack-off scene with Jerry Hannan and he got his cute, furry butt fucked by Kevin Warhol. Score! Freshmen has just celebrated it's first anniversary and there are plenty more discoveries waiting for you.

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  • Bentley Race Turns 18

    Bentley Race Turns 18

    Bentley Race started his website back in 1999 as a way to promote himself as an escort in Melbourne, Australia. "I wasn't such a good escort, but I did enjoy taking the photos. So I kept going with it," he says. He started off posting pictures of himself sucking his own dick and then he started getting requests from horny guys who wanted to play around with him on camera.

    About ten year ago, Ben started travelling around the world and filming guys wherever he went, so the guys featured on the site became international. "My weekend hobby in my bedroom evolved in to something I really didn't expect," Ben says. He adds, "Some of the guys who have appeared on the site really didn't think many people would see them." But Bentley Race has become a worldwide phenomenon and see them we did. Bentley Race remains one of my favorite porn sites. Come inside and see some of the guys from the past 18 years.

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  • Nick Capra Fucks Skateboarder Danny Gunn

    Nick Capra Fucks Skateboarder Danny Gunn

    Skaterboarder Danny Gunn is goofing off on Nick Capra's driveway. Finally, the surly hunk barges out his front door and grabs the skateboard saying, "This is going to look good in my fireplace." Danny chases him into the house and two pair get into a heated exchange. "There's only one way you're getting your board back," Nick says. He unzips his pants and pulls out his big cock. How badly does Gunn want his board? So badly that he lets Capra use both of his holes.

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  • Rocco Steele Fucks the Cum Out Of Teddy Torres

    Teddy Torres is one of my faves in Pornland right now. He's a sexy fucker with a furry butt and Rocco Steele likes him too. Torres gulps down Rocco's 10x7 and he manages to swallow more of than a lot of cocksuckers before him have. The Teddy lies back in the sling and gets his hole stretched to the max. But by the end of the scene Teddy's ass wants more and he mounts Steele and bounces easily of his giant dick.

    Then Rocco takes back control and fucks the cum out of Teddy. You don't want to miss the fountain of jizz he sprays across his furry body. Wow!

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  • Room Mate Threeway

    Room Mate Threeway

    This dirty daddy misses getting his dick serviced ever since his stepson left for college, so he heads off to the campus for a reunion. While the stepfather is sucking his stepson's cock, the room mate shows up. Oops. He invites the roomie to join them, saying, "Come on, you know how to do this." Then the stepson holds his buddy while the older man screws his ass. "How does my Dad's cock feel?" he asks.

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  • Twink Boys Mutual Sucking

    Twink Boys Mutual Sucking

    I like a sucking-only scene, don't you? It's especially hot when the guys get into some horny 69 sucking like Josef Moravec and Lucho Cordell do in this one. There's not enough 69ing in Pornland. Lucho is the blond on the bottom of this 69 suck and Josef is the brunette with the bigger and fatter cock. This is the sixth video for both of these lads and they're really enjoying their cocks in this one. After blowing each other, they jerk off side by side and splash their cum onto their smooth bellies.

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  • "Boulevard Bareback" with Wes Campbell & Cameron Parks

    "Boulevard Bareback" with Wes Campbell & Cameron Parks

    Cameron Parks has been tearing things up over at Helix Studios. He only debuted for the site back in August and he's already appearing in his sixth video. Fans love seeing this handsome guy getting his ass poked. Although he does top, four of his six scenes feature him bottoming. And blond bad boy Wes Campbell, who has filmed 16 videos for the studio, is the latest to slam Cameron's ass. And he's a fuck machine, you don't want to miss this one.

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  • "I'd Like To Buy A Hyphen"

    "I'd Like To Buy A Hyphen"

    In England it's spelled first-hand, in America it's spelled firsthand, I'm betting this Australian newspaper wishes their editor had gone with either spelling.

  • "Paranormal" with Paddy O'Brian & Nicholas Brooks

    "Paranormal" with Paddy O'Brian & Nicholas Brooks

    Paddy O'Brian and his wife have rented a house for the weekend. While she heads out to take care of some errands, Paddy invites his fuck buddy over for some fun. The wife returns sooner than expected and catches Paddy in the act. But Paddy's a smooth talker and finds a way to convince her that Nicholas isn't really there. "There's been strange happenings going on in the house," he tells her. A noise startles them both and shores up Paddy's story. He sends her off to get help while he makes sure nothing else happens. But Paddy soon discovers that there is something strange about this house.

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  • A Pornstar's Obsessed Fan

    Sexy muscle hunk Zack Lemec has pleasured himself in 21 videos at Maskurbate and he's gathered a following of loyal fans. But one of them named Etienne has gone off the rails. Why? Zack stopped replying to his harassing messages. Site owner Pascal warned Zack that Etienne found his address, but Zack wasn't worried, he knows how to take care of himself.

    One night, while Zack was sleeping, Etienne slipped into his house. He pulls back the covers and admires the hunk's beautiful body, he even caresses it and touches Zack's stiff cock. When Zack stirs, Etienne hides in the wardrobe. What happens next is exciting ... then terrifying. How will this end? What are this crazy fan's plans for Zack?

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  • Andy Star Gets Gangbanged

    Andy Star Gets Gangbanged

    Power bottom Andy Star loves getting fucked. He's insatiable. But can he keep up with three horny hung tops? Gabriel Lunna, Julio Rey, and Marc Ferrer put Star to the test and load up his hole with their big dicks. 

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  • Bastian Duffy Fucks Ariel Vanean

    Bastian Duffy Fucks Ariel Vanean

    Ariel Vanean and Bastian Duffy are paired up for a flip-fuck scene and Bel Ami itself says this is one of their favorite Ariel flip flops. Ariel fucks Bastian in the first part and these pictures are from the second part where Vanean bottoms. Come inside and see him suck the cum out of Bastian's hot cock.

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  • Demon Deal: Bel Ami BOGO

    Demon Deal: Bel Ami BOGO

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  • HotHell - A Sex Thriller from French Twinks

    Doryann Marguet and Paul Delay arrive at an abandoned hotel, they're horny and ready to make their private sex tape. They weave through the eerie hallways and settle on a room to their liking. As Paul sucks his lover's cock, Doryann suggests a blindfold will add to the excitement. This is where things get weird. Hotel guest Baptiste Garcia was murdered here many years before during one of his sex-crazed romps, his ghost lingers looking for opportunities to fulfill his perverted fantasies.

    Doryann suddenly finds himself gagged and tied to a chair in the corner, forced to watch as his unknowing partner is fucked by the ghost. "Oh baby, your cock feels so much bigger tonight," Paul groans. After having his way with the young lad, the ghost spews his creamy load across Paul's face. Does the ghost let the boys go? Or is it Doryann's turn to service the ghost? Will they survive the night? Watch to find out.

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