• Evan Parker Spanks Tyler Hill

    Evan Parker Spanks Tyler Hill

    Tyler Hill wasn't watching the dog and he ended up chewing up the patio furniture. When boyfriend Evan Parker arrives home, he finds the mess on the patio and Tyler lying on his bed plugged into his phone and listening to music. And since this Helix Studios video is called "Obedience Training," we know what's coming. "I think you need to be spanked," Evan says. Tyler leans over the window sill and teases, "If you want."

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  • Frankie V Fucks Mickey Taylor at Cocky Boys

    Frankie V Fucks Mickey Taylor at Cocky Boys

    Mickey Taylor is new to Cocky Boys but he's an already established porn star in the UK. He's got an alternative style, tattoos, piercings and bleach blond hair. Frankie V is the boy he wants to debut the studio with and after swapping long and sensual blowjobs and rimming, Frankie gives Mickey a great Cocky Boys initiation by pounding his ass.

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  • Guy Watching: Putting the Beef in Cake

    Guy Watching: Putting the Beef in Cake

    All those protein powders have to end up somewhere. And that somewhere is right inside these dumb jocks. I have no proof these guys are dumb. I just hope they are because then they'll fall for stupid as fuck opening lines such as: "If I told you that you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" Or the classic "If I told you that you have a beautiful body, would you fuck me in the mouth?"

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  • Johny Cruz and Kayden Gray Fuck In Lockerroom

    Johny Cruz and Kayden Gray Fuck In Lockerroom

    After a hot, sweaty rugby match of tackling and grappling, horny players Johny Cruz and Kayden Gray joke around in the lockers at Bulldog Pit. They rub their wet singlets in each other's face and their glistening bodies cause their cocks to grow. Kayden pulls Johny close, grabbing him by his balls to manoeuvre his mouth around his cock. Kayden fucks Johny's throat and then pounds that hot ass with his huge cock, filling him and then spunking on his sweaty body.

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  • Peter Le Keeps Busy

    Peter Le Keeps Busy

    After trying to learn the guitar and keeping himself entertained by doing a little workout and texting friends, Peter Le decides to lie back and remember a high school encounter at Peter Fever. He snuck his friend Darren into his bedroom for the first time. It was a risky but romantic thing to do. He couldn't wait to fuck his ass and tossed him on the couch to pound him. Peter touches himself reminiscing about his high school crush, and jerks himself off.

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  • Shaun & James: Raw Road Trip Part 2

    Shaun & James: Raw Road Trip Part 2

    Shaun is just 18 and James is 19. They can't go home to fuck as they live with their parents, but James has borrowed his dad's car in this Euro Boy XXX scene. They head to a spot Shaun knows for some bareback fun in the car. There's just enough room to spread those slender legs as one horny, hairless twink exposes his puckered wet-with-spit hole for his buddy to fuck!

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  • "Saint Fatdicks Day"

    "Saint Fatdicks Day"

    Once a year Irish men hang out in the pub wearing green to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Nubius, XL and Jin Powers have just been to a party and had a few green beers and are now at XL's place about to get down and dirty. These guys are ready for Saint Fatdicks Day at Next Door Ebony. Jin has waited all year to get his hands and mouth on Nubius and XL.

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  • Buddies Auditions: Paul Canon

    Buddies Auditions: Paul Canon

    The young and energetic Paul Canon is lined up for this week's casting by Markie More. The former snowboarder is not new to porn, but he's here casting at Next Door World in the Buddies Auditions series. Paul has a positive attitude to trying anything and there's great chemistry between him and casting director Markie from the start. He gives Markie a great blowjob. Markie mounts him and takes his cock up his ass as Paul reclines in the chair. Markie rides that cock before they switch. This time Paul is taking the dick! Mark pounds him from behind and works himself up to the edge and douses the auditionee with a great load, which he rubs in!

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  • Johnny Rapid is Back!

    Johnny Rapid is Back!

    I was wondering if we were ever going to see Johnny Rapid again. You might remember Rapid got himself into some hot water late last year and ended up with a fresh set of mugshots. And the MEN.com darling was out of commission for five months. Well, he's back, and starting tomorrow, MEN.com is having a four-day Johnny Rapid marathon. I'm not exactly sure if these are fresh scenes or previously-filmed scenes being released as new. However, one of Rapid's scenes includes Will Braun, who only joined the studio after Johnny's legal troubles, so it looks like at least one of them is new.

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  • Latin Boyz: Trigger & Temper

    Latin Boyz: Trigger & Temper

    Temper, a Latin Boyz model meets 18 year old Trigger on the metro and knows immediately that he wants to get inside his pants. He discovers the latin twink is actually straight, but he keeps talking and drops hint at fooling around and money being involved. He brings him into the Latin Boyz office and he agrees to show his dick. He's got a nice, big uncut Mexican dick. He is convinced to let Temper suck it and, of course, the cameras catch the action!

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