• Duncan Rides Landon at Sean Cody

    Duncan Rides Landon at Sean Cody

    "I think this is the biggest one you've ever had," says the Sean Cody producer. "Oh really?" Duncan says. "Yes, and it's got a pretty good curve to it," adds the producer. He then tells Landon that Duncan is probably one of the best bottoms they have right now. "He can probably ride a dick the best." With introductions like that, what else does a couple of guys need? So Duncan gets down on his knees and shows Landon how good his tongue feels, then later, Landon lies back to experience some of that good riding he's heard about.

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  • EXPOSED: Aussie Rugby Player Beau Ryan

    EXPOSED: Aussie Rugby Player Beau Ryan

    This week we're back with Rugger Bugger who have exposed Australian rugby player Beau Ryan's bare ass. He's now retired from a neck injury, but the 29 year old can still put on a show with his muscular butt cheeks!

  • Spotlight

    Interview with Armond Rizzo

    Armond Rizzo Interview

    Let's kick start with an obvious question. How did you get involved in porn?

    Well this is a bit of a long story involving Steamworks in Chicago and Shane Frost lol. So I had chatted online with Shane about being interested in doing porn and we accidentally ended up meeting at Steamworks. So he kinda put me through a test and fucked me in front of everyone to see how I handled it - and well - I guess I passed the test since 2 1/2 years later I am here. I have always loved porn so for me to be part of it is what I wanted.

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  • Jake Bass Makes Surprise Return to Cocky Boys

    Jake Bass Makes Surprise Return to Cocky Boys

    You never know where Jake Bass is going to turn up these days. It was only last year that the tattooed superstar made the shocking announcement that he was leaving his Cocky Boys home studio. But now, after filming several scenes for MEN.com, including the Men of Anarchy parody, Bass has returned to Cocky Boys for a scorching scene with blond twink Lukas Grande. It's true that bay boy Bass was seen at the recent Cybersocket and XBIZ Awards in Los Angeles with mentor Jake Jaxson, so this reunion isn't totally from left field. Although, who knows when this flip-flop fuck was filmed? And who cares!? Bass has rarely been hotter as he shares a bath with Grande before sucking and trading hot fucks. But the real news here is the soaking cum shots that both studs deliver all over Grande's perfect torso. It doesn't get much wetter than this! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.

  • Raging Stallion 66% Discount Continues!

    Raging Stallion special offer

    Raging Stallion Studios is still offering GayDemon readers a massive 66% discount on memberships. The special price is for a limited time only, so make sure you join today to take advantage of this incredible price forever!

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  • Sometimes There Just Isn't Enough Cock

    Sometimes There Just Isn't Enough Cock

    This bottom is having quite the night, proving that sometimes there just isn't enough cock. He down on his knees blowing two guys on the couch. They're lying back ass to ass so their dicks are close and this cocksucker is working them both at the same time. In this Sketchy Sex scene, these two tops have just finished fucking his ass, even blown their wads inside, but this bottom is determined to get another load of cum out of each them.

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  • Chaturbate with GayDemon: Stud Variety Pack

    Chaturbate with GayDemon: Stud Variety Pack

    One cock, two cock, red cock, blue cock. Yes, when I see the grid of Chaturbate cams (and for some peculiar reason I go right to the Male section) the guys start to blend together like a teeming mass of hot flesh in every combination. It's like a perverted and quirky Dr. Seuss illustration, though with a heavy emphasis on skin tones rather than psychedelic colors. It's a stud variety pack.

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  • Eddy Ceetee Makes Titan Men Debut With Nick Capra

    Eddy Ceetee Makes Titan Men Debut With Nick Capra

    Just when our patience was wearing thin, Eddy Ceetee is finally making his gay porn debut. We first reported on this hunky newcomer signing with Titan Men last fall. Well, the fruits of his hard labor are now available for your jacking pleasure, and his premier scene does not disappoint. The studio wisely paired first-timer Ceetee with veteran stud Nick Capra, and they even put Nick on the bottom. Remember, the last time we wrote about Capra bottoming (for Connor Maguire), it made GayDemon's list of Top 10 posts of 2014!

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  • Fleshjacking Side by Side

    Fleshjacking Side by Side

    Roderick is the pale-skinned stud on the right side of the bed and he just did his first jack-off video at Chaos Men a little over a week ago. He's back and he's getting cozy with Addison, a sexy tanned hunk, in a side-by-side jerk. They spice this one up with a pair of Fleshjacks and plunge them on each other's dicks. Watching them kneeling face to face and fucking is Fleshjacks is extra hot. The guys swap some oral too and Addison kneels and opens his mouth wide so Roderick can unload in it.

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  • Gushing Over a Sexy French Dude

    Gushing Over a Sexy French Dude

    I couldn't take my eyes of Kyle Champagne in this new fuck scene over at Men of Montreal. The big news is that Pascal Aubrey is back filming for the site after months away travelling. I don't care. Yeah, Pascal is sexy, but Kyle Champagne steals this scene in my books. And I'm so turned on watching him bending over and Pascal.

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