• New Bad Boy Stone In His Cocky Boys Debut

    New Bad Boy Stone In His Cocky Boys Debut

    Cocky Boys don't often release solo shoots, but this week they think (and rightly so, in my opinion) that their new model and all-round bad-boy, a guy named Stone - no last name, no prior experience - is worthy of us checking him out all on his lonesome!

    This hottie is a pierced and tattooed lad from Oklahoma - he's charismatic, laid back and edgy - and he's got an amazing body, and a nice fat cock too! He recently travelled to New York to complete in the latest "So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy?" series (remember the last one? - it was won by the talented Tayte Hanson).

    Stone's never travelled much away from home, so the crew got him to document his travels on his way to the contest - the guy is a horn-dog, he had all manner of sexy experiences en-route, from outdoor public sex, to getting his rocks off in a movie theatre, to an impromptu group sleepover - all of which he filmed and has shared with the site members. This guy has just what it takes to be a CockyBoy!

    And today, in his first solo professional video experience Stone's bright green eyes really light up when he's being filmed in the great outdoors - and they get even bigger when he see that he's going to stuffing his fat cock into a Fleshjack. And you gotta say, this guy must have some psychic control over nature as, at the end of this scene, at the second he climaxed, the heaven's opened up and a loud clap of thunder was heard in the distance!

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  • Peepers and Show-offs


    In honor of this post about exhibitionism, I'm writing this naked with the blinds open. With a naked string quartet playing the theme to Naked Lunch. But if nobody is looking in my window, am I even showing off? Exhibitionists totally depend on peeper, or at minimum, watchers. Still nobody is a greater enemy to a peeper than an exhibitionist. Why?

    Because if you're a peeper you want to check out a guy without him knowing. You want to sneak a peek. You want to intrude. You want X-ray vision (like the classic X-ray Specs sold in backs of comic books). You want to see everything.

    That's the minority though. It's mostly a dance. Looker and looked. Seer and seen. Eyes and penis. The guy who goes into the locker room wearing a towel, then pulls it off and sits on flat, his cock exposed. Then he doesn't make eye contact with anyone as he spreads his legs and closes his eyes. Look at me. I don't mind. But don't say a word. You'll break the spell.

    Or the guy jacking off in his window in the gayborhood as fellas stream home after the bars close. He's bait. And he'll invite someone up.

    Or Skype sluts. Or subway strokers. Or urinal jackers. Or college streakers. Or Australian Rules Football players who don't fight too hard when their shorts get tugged down.

    There's a line though when it goes from wonderfully sleazy to mundane nudity. Can someone be an exhibitionist on a nude beach? Or does that carry more weight in a shopping mall food court? How about halfway opening the door to your hotel room while you're masturbating? If you could be caught but aren't, is that being an exhibitionist? If you're scanning apartment windows for nude guys are you a voyeur even if you don't find any? And if you look at a hot, yet fully clothed, guy on the street through your blinds and he can't see you back, what are you then? How about if you're masturbating when you do it?

    Keep looking. Keep showing. Keep stroking. Keep fucking.

  • Treasure Island Media Launches TIMGear

    Treasure Island Media Launches TIMGear

    Treasure Island Media has just made it a whole lot easier to pick up some of their gear. Last week TIMGlobal (the parent company of Treasure Island Media) launched a full line of clothing and gear on their brand new site called TIMGear. The line features a full compliment rugged street, skate and urban clothing including underwear, tshirts, hats, shorts, hoodies, and more, and it's available exclusively on TIMGear.

    The clothing features Treasure Island Media logos and movie titles along with other fun designs. One artistic shirt features legendary Dawson, the power bottom who put TIM on the map, and it's already sold out. But you won't just find clothing at TIMGear. How about a set of shot glasses, a TIM cock ring, an overnight bag to carry all your hook-up gear, or sunglasses. There's lots more and some great opening special discounts.

    TIMGear is the first step in expanding the Treasure Island Media brand and opening brick-and-mortar stores offering a variety of lifestyle products for gay men. "We're very excited about this foray into gay male apparel and look forward to working with a range of partners to ensure that we're bringing you the hottest new gear around," says TIM general manager Matt Mason.

    The TIMGear store features simple and sporty apparel, but also brings fans a collection of kink gear, sex toys, lube and more. And there's more coming. Yuppie Boy & Company hits TIMGear on October 15 and the web store is also looking for creative partners to showcase their artistic apparel.

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  • Johny Cruz and Tom Crua In An Awesome Raw Flip Fuck

    Johny Cruz and Tom Crua In An Awesome Raw Flip Fuck

    Staxus surprise us today when the twinkish Johny Cruz appears (at first) to be the dominant partner in this scene where he and the ultra-masculine and muscular Tom Cruz bareback fuck. But not is all as it seems, and the universe is not coming to an end after all, as the guys end up in a flip fuck and set things right again!

    The young Johny Cruz is on the hunt for a new courier for his office and when Tom Crua walks in for an interview, the young twink is clearly in awe of this masculine hunk of man! And who could blame him - Tom is awesome - handsome, muscular, smooth, tattooed - and hung! And when he's wearing nothing but his courier underwear/singlet combo he's quite an intimidating sight - especially for the young Johny.

    But Tom's outward masculinity belies his true feelings, but his raging boner does not - he's got the hots for the young Johny and his dick is eager for some action. Johny, of course, is not one to hold back, and is soon slurping down on Tom's monster. Then the tables turn and Tom chows down on Johny's thick uncut cock too, and if this were a traditional porn video you'd expect to see the twink getting plowed by the masculine top round about now. But instead, in a surprising turnabout, Johny moves down and rims Tom's hole then slides his big fat raw boner deep into the waiting hole and fucks it most energetically!

    But for those masculine tops who can't cope with such things, relief is at hand, as Tom is soon getting his revenge and he's seen reaming out Johny's hole and then, in a no-nonsense, almost animalistic fashion, pushes his own cock deep in to the twink's bottom and fucks it like there's no tomorrow.

    This scene might surprise us, but in no way does it disappoint - it delivers the goods in every possible way!

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  • Peter Berlin to Make Rare Appearance at SF Exhibition

    Peter Berlin to Make Rare Appearance at SF Exhibition

    He's been called the Greta Garbo of gay porn. And while Peter Berlin spent a lot of his time on film alone, he also collaborated with art world heavyweights such as Tom of Finland, Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe. Although he retired from public life many years ago, the iconic screen stud is now the subject of a new solo exhibition at Magnet (4122 18th Street) in San Francisco. The show, titled "Photographer/Porn Star/Gay Icon," runs from October 1-31 and focuses on the artist's "selfies" from another era.

    For those who might not be familiar, Peter Berlin was a model, photographer, painter, designer and some say the first gay porn star. He was renowned in the 1970s for his provocative photos of himself, often dressed in skintight pants that emphasized his huge package. He directed only two films, Nights in Black Leather (1973) and That Boy (1974), but they created an international stir that still echoes through the gay art world. Born in Poland in 1942, Berlin grew up in Germany and started cruising the parks of Berlin, Paris and Rome, where he created the character that would make him famous. Once he moved to San Francisco in the early 1970s, Berlin started working the gay scene and became famous as a street personality, exhibitionist and performer.

    Adding to his legend, Berlin was the subject of the excellent 2005 documentary That Man: Peter Berlin. Directed by Jim Tushinski, the film played the festival circuit and showcased the man and the myth behind his trademark Prince Valiant haircut and bulging crotch. An aging Berlin and numerous friends and fans share stories and talk about the persona that Berlin carefully crafted over the years, and how it influenced a generation of gay artists. Some say that he was also the first porn star to fetishize his own image via his erotic self-portraiture, which perfectly ties in to the selfie-obsessed culture we live in today.

    SF area readers, take note: There will be an opening-night party on Friday, October 3, from 8 to 10 pm at Magnet. There will also be a rare live interview with Berlin himself on Saturday, October 18, from 7 to 9 pm. For more information, click here.

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  • Unairable Gregg Homme Underwear Commercials

    This isn't an endorsement of Gregg Homme underwear. They're probably overpriced tiny pieces of spandex into hugging cock and ass just right. Wait, I like hugging cock and ass just right, too. Guess I better change my name to Gregg Homme.

    These are mini-movies which basically look like UK Naked Men videos minus the ejaculations but plus some cleverness. And they are unairable except on late night TV in Amsterdam.

    Why can't CBS air a Gregg Homme Fashion Show in prime time like they do the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? I mean doesn't society objectify men just as much as it does women? Aren't male underthings marketed to men just as much as women underthings? And what the hell is an underthing?

    Well, nah, I guess to even out the objectification, either people will have to objectify women less or men more. Since the former is impossible, I'm going to go with objectifying men more. I suggest you do your part.

    And that extends to ogling dudes in the locker room to the point they notice. I totally get that their are all these apps that supposedly do the work for us. Tap "woof" or "oink" or swipe right or whatever the app calls it and you've flirted, right? Well hell no you haven't. Flirting is about being vulnerable, obvious and direct. You have to break through all that clutter, and nowadays have to get the attention of people who are just not as into real time flirting as they used to be.

    So dress (and undress) to see and be seen. Apps are a good addition to connecting with guys but not a replacement for eye contact, not a replacement for a well-timed hungry gaze. Now that I think about it sexy underwear will never go out of style, especially the wonderfully super gay kind. But if you don't dig these kind of undies, just pull the waistband below your balls and slip your jeans or shorts or sweat on over. It's pretty much an instant cock and balls lift. Your crotch will do the flirting for you, especially if you forget to zip up.

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  • Camden Is Definitely a Grower

    Camden Is Definitely a Grower

    Camden is a good-looking guy. Whether it's giggling school girls at the mall or dirty old men in the gym locker room, Camden turns heads. He caught my eye this weekend when I was checking out the new arrivals at Corbin Fisher. I'm neither an old man or a school girl, but I can be dirty. CAmden is one of those guys who pretty much has it all: a nice body, handsome looks, nice hairy, and a decent-sized dick.

    Well, he almost has it all. When Pete at Corbin Fisher asks Camden if he's an exhibitionist, his eyes gloss over. "You know, do you like to show off?" Camden answers, but talks about being competitive. Oh well, like I said, he's good looking. And if there's any doubt about Camden being straight, he says that he likes Hanes underwear. I guess there's nothing wrong with Hanes underwear, but don't gay men grow out of them when they stop letting their mothers do their shopping?

    Camden is definitely a grower. Sitting on the couch naked, he's sporting a small soft cock. The camera pans up to his face, then back down. Hello! Where did that come from? The boy's packing a nice dick. It's not huge, Corbin Fisher says it's seven inches, and it's a little on the thick side. And Camden is an all-at-once cummer. He's stroking and you can tell he's getting close by his soft pants. He stops jerking and holds his cock, and some watery precum oozes quickly out of his dick, then a gush flies out and splats between his pecs, one final squirt across his belly, and he's done. Camden said in his interview that he loves getting his dick sucked, so I expect we'll be seeing some more of this beauty.

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  • Creepy Handyman Jumps Micky in the Locker Room

    Creepy Handyman Jumps Micky in the Locker Room

    The Creepy Handyman is one of my favourite series over at Bound Gods. And over the years there have been a number of different pervy janitors and handymen, Trenton Ducati was the latest and I got so revved up watching him overpower men then have his way with them. But it looks like there's a new Creepy Handyman -- Adam Herst has just filmed his first scene. He's hardly a newcomer to Bound Gods, he's filmed 19 scenes for them now.

    This one starts out easy with hung Micky Mackenzie playing with his cock in the showers. The handyman jumps the lad while he's dressing at his locker. Micky finds himself roped to the bench and Herst nurse on the boy's cock. Micky struggles to break free, but the ropes are too tight. Still, he squirms and protests while this perv sucks his dick.

    The janitor snaps a riding crop on Micky's pecs, then stands Micky up and suspends his hands over his head for a good flogging. Screaming "you're crazy" at a man beating you probably isn't a good idea, in Micky's case it just makes Herst all the more angry. He swirls around Mickey and viciously whacks his naked body with the flogger. Then tied to the bed, Micky feels what it's like to have a big cock up his ass. My favourite sequence? Herst grabbing a fistul of those curls to hold Mickey's head still while he cums all over the lad's face.

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  • Tim and Donald Suck, Rim and Then Flip Fuck Each Other Raw

    Tim and Donald Suck, Rim and Then Flip Fuck Each Other Raw

    As Sweet and Raw say, there's nothing quite like a tight twinks arsehole wrapped around the base of your hard raw cock, milking your shaft and bringing you to climax. And this is exactly what Timothy Nixon and Donald Walker do for each other in this bareback flip-flip video today.

    These guys are both really good looking young men, one blonde-haired (Donald), the other dark-haired (Timothy), both are nicely hung with uncut cocks of ample proportions, and both are very orally inclined. In fact, at least two-thirds of this video is all about what these twinks can do to pleasure each other with their mouths and tongues. From really passionate kissing; to hot, wet cock sucking and foreskin licking; to some very horny, deep, tongue-in-hole rimming action, both guys give and received it all and genuinely look like they are really enjoying it too - both ways!

    And that's not where the mutual pleasuring ends either - both guys are versatile tops and the flip-flop action is both fast, deep, hot and raw! And you just gotta check out those balls of Timothy's - they are real knee-knockers, and the way they sway back and forth as he fucks looks really amazing!

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  • Interview with Ken Ott

    Interview with Ken Ott

    Our third and final interview in this trio of exclusive GayDemon interviews with Gay Hoopla's biggest models. This week we talk to Ken Ott about porn and sex!

    Hi Ken, great to get the chance to talk to you. What are you filming here today?

    Yeah definitely. Always great chance of talking, and I'm just filming another movie script. It cannot be revealed yet!

    How did working with Gay Hoopla come about and what made you decide to be a gay pornstar?

    It was pretty good and I decided to be a gay pornstar for the experience. I do love it.

    You have a stunning body! What does it take to keep such a great physique?

    Well thank you for that! I don't think I do have a stunning body but, its what you put in the gym, dieting, and discipline. I have been dieting for the past two years and keeping up with it sucks because I miss pizza everyday, and other nice food!

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  • Kris Evans Finally Bottoms Bareback

    Kris Evans Finally Bottoms Bareback

    Kris Evans fans are finally getting what they've been begging for. This weekend, today in fact, Bel Ami Online is releasing Kris Evans' first bareback bottom scene. But wait, there's more! Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel are tag teaming Evans in a two-part threeway.

    Yesterday the trio got cozy under an awning-covered deck by a backyard pond and Kris Evans lied back and enjoyed Adam and Jean-Daniel taking care of his big meat. Kris' chiseled body has never looked sexier. After slobbering all over his beefy uncut cock, the lads offered their asses and Kris took them. He fucked one, then the other. And as you can see, they blew some pretty big loads.

    Today, the threeway fuck fest continues with Kris Evans playing man in the middle. Adam and Jean-Daniel take turns stuffing their bareback cocks into the stud's ass. And this is just the beginning. In October, Evans is bottoming for Kevin Warhol and then also gets fucked in a fourway, then in December Rhys Jagger gets his crack at Kris Evans' raw butt in a Christmas video.

    Earlier this week, Bel Ami announced that their backlog of condom videos is coming to an end. The studio stopped using condoms in their shoots back in 2011, but they've had so many videos in the can that it's taken three years to release them all. So from here on in, or starting in the very near future, condoms will be a thing of the past at Bel Ami.

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  • Special Offer: Falcon Studios Only $1!

    Falcon Studios special offer

    This week's special offer is an absolute steal. Get your full Falcon Studios membership for just $1! This offer is exclusive to GayDemon readers and is available for one week only, so be quick! Enter promo code FALCONONE to redeem and click below to claim your special price.

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  • Elder Buckley's Ordination

    Elder Buckley's Ordination

    Bishop Angus continues his task to ordain the missionaries at Mormon Boyz, this time with Elder Buckley. The 19 year old is quite butch, so it was not known by the bishop whether he'd be so willing to take it in the ass, but missionaries are good at following orders.

    The ordination begins by taking off their clothes, cotton underwear included. Noticing Buckley's extra large cock, Bishop Angus moves in close to start what he calls "a special ordination". The ultimate task to become ordained is to take the bishops cock in several positions, so he is bent over the rickety table for a prolonged rimming in preparation.

    Elder Buckley is first penetrated raw by the bishop in the missionary position. Quite apt. He then gets flipped over to be pounded deeper - the look on his face is incredibly arousing. Once more, the bishop turns him on his back and continues to slam his dick bareback in Buckley. Buckley can now be welcomed to the higher priesthood!

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  • Used, Abused, Screwed and Bemused

    Used, Abused, Screwed and Bemused

    When the French Dudes camera team told Richy Dime that he was going to be doing a scene with Jordan Fox, he kinda shrugged his shoulders and basically said - yep, no worries, he's not that tough, I can handle him! Well, things could hardly be further from the truth - or can they?

    Seriously folks, Jordan treats Richy like absolute shit in this video - he slaps his face, slaps his arse, and not in a playful, sexy way, then shoves his big, fat, hard uncut cock into his mouth - roughly and deeply, and doesn't care in the slightest that Richy is slobbering away, almost choking on both the cock and his own saliva! But I am getting ahead of myself ...

    Things start off normally enough, we find Jordan cruising an abandoned building where he finds Richy, leaning provocatively against a wall, pants down at the rear, showing off his bubble butt, inviting the top to have his way with him. Jordan obviously likes what he sees and accepts the implied invitation. He moves in and starts slapping Richy around, then pulls his hard cock out, pushes Richy to his knees and shoves his dick towards Richy's mouth - Richy opens wide and starts sucking for all he's worth, and all the while Jordan is using Richy's mouth he is also abusing him, both physically dominating him and verbally humiliating him into total submission.

    But soon Jordan wants even more, and bends Richy over and slams his hard cock deep into Richy's arsehole, screwing him totally for his own pleasure. Then, when it's time to cum, he pulls out and jerks his load all over the ground, then zips up, spits on Richy's face, turns around and walks away!

    Naturally we think the bottom has been totally used, abused and screwed, but then, amazingly, we see Richy sit down on the ground, pull his own rock-hard cock out (which we have not even seen until now) and jerk it until he spews out his own creamy load all over his stomach - and then he simply looks up, straight into the camera, and gives it a sexy, bemused look and a cheeky, knowing wink. Perhaps things happened exactly the way this talented bottom boy wanted them to go down after all?

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  • "Holy Shit! Yeah, You Might Have to Fuck Me."

    "Holy Shit! Yeah, You Might Have to Fuck Me."

    Devin Totter met this guy a couple of months back at his buddy Aiden's place. (Devin doesn't name the guy, so let's just call him Mario.) During that initial meeting Mario asked Devin what he did for a living and Devin talked about running his amateur site Deviant Otter. And they left it at that. Devin says he was getting mixed signals on whether Mario was straight or gay, so he didn't bug him about coming over and making a video for the site.

    But as these things often go, Devin's porn site churned around in Mario's head for the next few weeks, and finally his curiosity got the better of him. So Aiden calls Devin to say that Mario would definitely be up for fucking on camera. When Mario arrives the guys chit chat for a bit, then Devin wants to see his cock, so Mario pulls down his shorts. "Holy shit!" Devin says when he sees Mario's heavy-hanging donkey dick. It's really long. "Yeah, I don't know, you might have to fuck me," Devin adds.

    Devin's not in a hurry though, and he wants to build the anticipation of feeling this giant cock in his ass, so they guys swap blowjobs and get into some deep throat 69ing on the couch. Then he bangs Mario every which way he can, and when Devin can barely hold his nut in for another second, he offers up his hole. Mario gets his turn and fucks Devin all over the couch. In the final round, Devin's lying on his back and Mario is power drilling his hole and that's about all he can take and busts all over himself with Mario's humongous dick pumping his hole. Then, as you can see, Devin leans over Mario's huge cock and opens his mouth for that giant squirt of cum.

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