• How to Let a Cocksucker Know He's Doing a Good Job

    How to Let a Cocksucker Know He's Doing a Good Job

    This TIM Suck video is my idea of the perfect blowjob. Rio Francisco is lying back on the floor when Bruce Jordan swoops in and crawls between his legs and gets to work. There's not much interaction between the two men, which is what makes it a perfect head session. I'm not big on a lot of talk while I'm sucking dick. I don't get off hearing a guy growling a never-ending symphony of "oh yeah ... oh yeah ... oh fuck yeah" and I certainly don't need instruction on how to give head. The consensus is that I give good blowjobs. I'm also pretty good at picking up clues on what a man likes. A little "harder" or "deeper" is fine, but don't read me a fucking instruction manual.

    Rio Franscisco lies back and watches as Bruce swallows, gulps, and deep throat his long bone. So how does Bruce know he's making Rio's dick feel good? Rio breathes deeply and whispers an occasional "oh fuck" and he holds Bruce's forearms while they're along his sides; he rubs Bruce's head and sometimes thrusts it on his cock with both hands; he gently thrust his hips into Bruce's mouth; he reaches across Bruce's back and shows his approval with a bit of hole fingering; and finally, a crack of his hand across this cocksucker's ass signals that he's ready to unload. And boy, does he ever. All over Bruce's beard, lips, and in his mouth.

    So the next time you're getting head, try upping your game a little. Try finding subtle ways to let a blow boy know that he's making your cock feel good. And for heaven's sake, touching the guy sucking your cock is the perfect way to increase the connection, and I'm not talking about just holding his ears or pushing the back of his head.

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  • This Ginger Stud Wants to "Keep It Straight"

    This Ginger Stud Wants to "Keep It Straight"

    When Jason suggested that Seth O'Malley could earn some extra cash doing more than a jack-off video, this tall, ginger stud wasn't interested. He told Spunkworthy Jason that he wanted to "kept it straight." So he pounded his fat dick, shot his load, and his JO video appeared on the site at the beginning of August. Fast forward a couple of weeks down the road and Seth is changing his tune -- his car conked out and now that pile cash is sounding good. Are you sure it's just the money, Seth?

    O'Malley sits on the massage table with a towel around his waist. He's never done anything with a guy before, so he's a little nervous. But once Jason explained Seth only had to lie there and enjoy what was happening to his cock, Seth relaxed and pulled off his towel. We get a quick look at the orange bush blazing between his thick thighs, then he rolls on his belly. Seth has a big ass and thick thighs. Jason's extra lucky today.

    Jason works Seth's firm butt and pulls his meaty thighs apart so we can see his furry ass crack and nuts. Jason can see that Seth is starting to pop wood, so he has the ginger roll over. Seth has a thick one. It's not long, but fat with an over-sized head. The best kinds of cocks in my books. Seth said that he had saved up a two-day load and Jason paced him diverting his hands away from Seth's cock when he was getting too close to the edge. But finally Jason lets Seth unload. "Here it cums," he says and he spunks all over his ginger treasure trail and pubes.

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  • Trending in August: Son Swap

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    MEN.com's series, Son Swap has caused a storm with some really great hits on GayDemon's gallery. But the ultimate winner so far in August is the scene with Colby Jensen fucking fellow daddy Dirk Caber. Check out the video or visit the gallery to see more!

  • Sean Zevran and Johnny V Are Dirty Sexy Fuckers

    Sean Zevran and Johnny V Are Dirty Sexy Fuckers

    Hot House Exclusive models Sean Zavran and Johnny V are two spectacularly well-muscled hunks, both blessed with bulging pecs, strong biceps, washboard abs and rock hard cocks and amazing butts perfectly framed by their jockstraps. These guys are arguably two of the hottest, and horniest, specimens of the male form - and today they star together in this unforgettable scene!

    Both of these hunks enjoy full lives, almost totally focused on their own, and their partner's, sexual pleasure. Today Johnny is going to be the bottom, and he approaches this role expertly, sucking and slurping down on Sean's cock like a man possessed - this blow job really has to be seen to be believed. As does Sean's reciprocal rim job that has Johnny writhing in ecstasy - the look of pleasure on Sean's handsome face, his mouth buried between those muscular butt cheeks, as the camera pans down Johnny's broad back during the arse-eating scene is amazingly sensual and very, very hot! But this is just the prelude - these guys are saving their best performances for the fucking scene, where Sean penetrates Johnny's delicious hole in two super-hot positions and fucks his buddy like he's a born fuck-machine, totally real, totally uninhibited, totally amazing! Two of the hottest men in an intense, awesome scene, just for you!

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  • The Best Part of Fighting Is the Hot Make-Up Sex

    The Best Part of Fighting Is the Hot Make-Up Sex

    If you have had a partner for any length of time you've likely had one of those stupid fights over nothing. In this Men Over 30 scene, Alex Adams is shaving Johnny Hazzard's head in the bathroom. That's right! Hazzard shaves off all of his hair. I think he looks sexy. How about you?

    Anyway, back to to our movie. Alex nicks Johnny with the clippers and they get into one of those "You always do ..." and "Why do you always have to be suck a prick?" arguments. Man, this sounds familiar. My partner and I just had one of those on the way to buy a light bulb, which cost eight fucking dollars, by the way. WTF! So Alex storms out of the bathroom and Johnny finishes his hair cut, and they end up going to bed angry. They even build a pillow wall between them so they don't have to look at each other in case they roll over.

    But the best part of stupid fights is the hot make-up sex. And the next morning, Alex and Johnny set the bed on fire. Things I really loved about this scene: Johnny sticking his thumb in Alex's mouth while he's gulping Johnny's dick; Alex fingering Johnny hole while deep throating him; how Alex doesn't want to stop watching his bone disappearing down Johnny's throat, but he can't take his eyes off his lover's ass; and Alex pulling Johnny's dick back between his legs and licking it before burying his face in that hot butt; Alex nailing Johnny doggy style; Alex riding Johnny's bone; and finally, Alex filling Johnny's mouth with cum. Hmmm ... I think I'm going to go pick a fight with my husband.

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  • Spanked Red


    I can't remember the hankie code color for spanking (and folks aren't as much into the gay semiotics of hankie codes, key chains, and red ties anymore). So to indicate you're a spanking bottom, I would suggest walking around bent over with a guy spanking your bare ass. That should send a signal, however subtle, that you're a spank pig.

    What did you do wrong to deserve a spanking? It's more so what did you do right! Such as admit you want it then go out and get it. Sure, maybe some role play can be involved, like that you were late on the rent so your landlord spanked you, or you were late on your homework so your professor spanked you, or you were late on being spanked, so some guy spanked you. That's about it.

    Well, really, you don't even need role playing. You can just be yourself and dig the feeling, whether it's thuddy spanking or sharper spanking or a spank followed by a massage followed by a spank followed by a jack followed by a fuck followed by a tofu sandwich. And a tofu sandwich is not a sex move. It's literally a tofu sandwich. You might be hungry after. Spanking and getting spanked takes a lot of energy and builds it up too. The endorphin rush (if built up right) can be astounding. That's why it's important for the top to make sure not to injure you because you might not be able to feel pain the same in that heightened state. No spanking the coccyx! Tee hee, I said coccyx.

    Spanking can also be fun over clothes. And it can be gentle or hard. Technically, it can involve implements but there's just something to be said for a bare hand on your bare ass. Maybe a gloved hand if you want it rougher.

    As kinks go, you'll likely be able to find a spanking buddy, or ten, if you put it out there. And if you want to spank folks, put in some time as the bottom too. That will make you a better top. And guess this post makes me a fetish cheerleader. Go team!

    Now what are you and your buddy going to pick for a safe word? How about ouch? No that would be too confusing because you might need to say ouch but not have the guy stop. So just go with the basic: rutabaga. Nobody ever has any reason to say the word rutabaga besides to get someone to slow down or stop spanking them. Everyone knows that. Especially the Rutabaga Council of America. Bunch of anti-spanking creeps.

    Now watch a footballer get spanked and fucked. It's what the internet is for, unless that exact thing is going on outside your window right now. In which case, join in!

  • The Death of the Gay Baths?

    The Death of the Gay Baths?

    Recently an article was written by the Associated Press detailing the decline of gay bathhouses across the U.S. It must of been a very slow news week as this article was picked up by several mainstream outlets. From ABC News to USA Today to The Guardian in the UK. Add to that almost every news and sex blogs on the web. It leaves the impression that the baths are dying a very slow and painful death.

    That is far from the truth. Like any business, there are ebbs and flows. Sure they are having problems. But not to the extent detailed in the article. What is not mentioned is how the baths are viewed from a generational stand-point. Gay men in their 20s and 30s equate the baths as the type of sex taking place in a back alley or a toilet. In their minds the baths are a filthy, disgusting and dirty atmosphere. Conjuring up images of sexual diseases flying everywhere. It is a preconceived notion of gay sex. Yet when you ask these very same men if they have ever gone to the baths, 99% of the respondents say no. So how can you comment on something you have never experienced?

    That is why the baths are steadily declining in popularity. Bathhouse business owners must attract those younger customers who stick their nose up at the thought of going to a place like that. They must market the baths as a fun sexy place to visit. To court that next generation. If bathhouse owners fail to do that, then their existing clientele will literally die off. Once that happens, more and more younger gay men won't know what a bathhouse is. The bottom line is that while the bathhouse businesses is cyclical, it is also generational.

    Photography credit: Chris Femat

  • Condoms With a Prideful Message

    Condoms With a Prideful Message

    Anyone out there still using condoms? That's a rhetorical question--and hopefully the answer is yes! Now, just in time for all your back-to-school shopping needs, alternative marketing company Say It With a Condom has launched a snappy new line called Pride Condoms. Who said that marketing to the gays was over? Especially when you're trying to get them to wear rubbers in the age of Truvada!

    What makes Pride Condoms unique is that they're wrapped in custom packaging imprinted with catchy phrases meant to shed light on major issues facing the LGBTQ community today. Some of the messages are serious ("30 percent of suicides are LGBT related. I refuse to be a statistic"), while others are lighthearted ("Bisexuals do it better--with everyone").

    "Our goal has always been to start a conversation," director of business development Damian Charles told XBIZ magazine. "With the current stigma surrounding sex and condoms, people constantly ask us, 'Why use a condom?' A flyer can be thrown away, but when a person is given something such as a condom, they are more inclined to keep it and show this unique marketing tool to others."

    Perhaps. At least the company is promoting social responsibility in a fun and creative way. And 25 percent of all sales from the Pride Condom series will go to nonprofit organizations advocating for gay equality and awareness. So wrap it up, guys! For more info, click here.

  • Hung Skinny Twink With The Punk Haircut

    Hung Skinny Twink With The Punk Haircut

    Leon Lee is a skinny Hungarian punk twink that Bentley Race photographer Zac Frevo met earlier this year when he and Ben were in Munich for their summer vacation in Europe.

    Leo is 20 years old, skinny and has an unusual hairdo - according to Ben it's a striking punk blond quiff - plus the guy is blessed with a monster uncut cock! As this photo shoot starts, this well-endowed young man's boner is obvious in his skimpy undies - which are straining to keep things contained - and they simply can't handle all that tackle, as you can see when his cock's uncut head plops out from the side and into full view! Then we catch up with Leon as he's watching a porno on the TV; he reaches down and pulls the whole length of his uncut dick out of his underwear and starts jacking off. He obviously enjoys a bit of anal stimulation too, as he pushes a finger into his hole while he's stroking his monster cock. If you love skinny twinks with huge dicks, make sure you watch Leon's video right to the end to see - you will see him shoot a great load of cum right over his shoulders!

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