• Inside A German Techno Sex Club Orgy

    Inside A German Techno Sex Club Orgy

    Erik Finnegan likes to frequent the club scene and this video from Cazzo Club shows what happens when he and his boyfriend Patrik Ekberg visit a Techno Dance Club in Germany. The Club is alive with music and lights and it is filled full of hot guys. There is an orgiastic atmosphere all-around, with many semi-naked men dancing together, most have their hard cocks out and some are even having their arseholes fucked by big dildos!

    Our two young lovers enter the dimly light club and within minutes two hunks accost Erik near the toilets and roughly fuck him, one in his mouth, the other up his butt! They only take off his pants so that they can access his arsehole and he becomes the piece of meat in their fuck sandwich! They take turns at both ends, and once they are finished with him, Erik is left covered in their cum! Meanwhile, Erik's other half has been found by a naked and bald cum-pig who loves to suck young cock, and even tho Erik now wants to leave, Patrik is totally immersed in the blow job and continues to thrust his cock into the mouth of the guy kneeling before him. Eventually tho, it all gets too much and even Patrik must cum, and when he does he squirts his load all over the bald man's face and into his piggy mouth!

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  • Newcomer Yury Lysenko Debuts for Lucio Saints

    Newcomer Yury Lysenko Debuts for Lucio Saints

    It may not roll off the tongue, but the name Yury Lysenko is worth remembering. The Ukrainian twink is making his gay porn debut for Lucio Saints, who launched his online studio earlier this year in Madrid. Lysenko was recruited to suck and fuck on-screen when founder and veteran porn star-producer-director Saints was introduced to him through a mutual friend. Lucio says that he was most attracted to the smooth stud's self-confidence, among his many other assets. The young cutie has already filmed a solo and his first sex scene, "A Holey Visit," co-starring Robbie Rojo and Lucio himself (pictured after the jump). For more information, visit Lucio Saints.

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  • Selfie Alarm

    gym selfies

    The gym selfie has reached maximum cultural exposure. Here's how to take it to the next level, fellas.

    • Allow yourself to be caught mid-selfie, boner and all. The reaction of the unwitting photobomber will be priceless. And hopefully worth it when he reports you to management and you get kicked out of the gym.
    • Allow yourself to be caught mid-selfie, boner and all. The reaction of the unwitting photobomber will be priceless. And hopefully worth it when he reports you to management and the hunky manager takes you into his private office, gives you a free, lifetime membership, and ejaculates on your back after fucking you for 47 minutes.
    • Trend Alert: Usies. That's right "us"-ies as in group selfies. I didn't make up that word. If I had I would have spelled it "ussy" for obvious reasons. Can you get several of your pals to all the way strip or partially strip in the locker room and take a group shot?
    • Wishful Thinking: While on the workout floor, whip out your hard cock and take a picture of you and that special eager cocksucker mid-suck. Muscle-flashing gym floor selfies (or mirror shots) are not enough. We need some type of penetration.
    • Put your underwear in your mouth while you snap the selfie. Oh wait, a guy did that. See above. Yay! He wins.

    Here's a couple of hunky muscle daddies doing their thing while shocked inanimate metal lockers watch. Let it inspire your first usie. Just don't strain your muscles trying to get you and your buddy in the shot. Or skip the usie and selfie all over yourself.

  • So Far This Houseboy Does More Sucking Than Housework

    So Far This Houseboy Does More Sucking Than Housework

    I never understood the appeal of Johnny Rapid. But then I watched him screwing Dirk Caber in MEN.com's Stepfather's Secret. No, Johnny didn't top Dirk. But that's the point. That's the appeal. While Dirk's cock was definitely in Johnny's ass, it was Johnny who did most of the fucking, swirling his tiny ass back and forth on Dirk's hard-on. Then he sat on Dirk's hard-on and rode the older man until he saw stars. By the end of that first scene I was thinking: Okay. I get it. Johnny Rapid is a top's dream come true. He knows how to make a man's dick feel good.

    Dirk Caber and Johnny Rapid are back in a new series called Houseboy. In the first episode, hairy hunk Paul Wagner hires Rapid to be his houseboy. And in this second episode, Wagner's friends, Dirk Caber and Billy Santoro, stop by for a visit and the houseboy is supposed to see to their every need. That's an invitation, isn't it?

    As you'd expect, Dirk and Billy take turns fucking the houseboy's ass. Billy goes first, then Dirk. And finally, the three men end up pile fucking. And this is the scene stealer. Johnny kneels on the couch, Billy kneels and fucks him doggy style, and daddy Dirk brings up the rear plugging Billy's ass. Watching Santoro grunting back and forth between his two buddies was pretty horny to watch.

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  • Adam Services Kennedy Until He's Begging to be Filled

    Adam Services Kennedy Until He's Begging to be Filled

    "It was definitely different, but nice," said Kennedy the first time he had sex with a guy. That was last October at Corbin Fisher and since they he's repeated it 10 more times. This is number 11. While Adam is drilling hard, Kennedy is singing a different song. Kennedy sure has taken to dick.

    Blond stud Adam hasn't filmed at Corbin Fisher for a while, but clearly, he was happy to be back: "That Kennedy is quite the hot one," he said. But Adam is a sexy guy, too, with a chin strap beard and an 8.5-inch cock, and he's been working out since his last visit. The guys start off with some kissing and nuzzling, then when Kennedy leans in for another kiss, Adam pulls back. Time to move on to other things.

    Initially I thought Adam had a problem kissing guys, but seeing him deep throating Kennedy and ramming his tongue between his buddy's ass, Adam doesn't have a problem with any of this. After getting Kennedy revved up good and proper, Adam climbs on board and starts filling hole. I absolutely loved seeing his hands pressed on Kennedy's shoulder blades and Adam pumped ass hard. He alternates between forceful and fast pounding and deep and slow. And by the time the blond is ready to unload his nuts, Kennedy is begging for it.

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  • David Benjamin (Finally!) Debuts in C1R Scene

    David Benjamin (Finally!) Debuts in C1R Scene

    He might be causing a commotion for his recent signing with Falcon and Raging Stallion, but David Benjamin is actually making his gay porn debut in a new scene for Channel 1 Releasing. (His duo in Trunks 8 with Mitch Vaughn for Hot House is also dropping.) Director Chi Chi LaRue gets the honor of presenting the gay porn world with the beefy Benjamin in #Leather (which may be the first gay skin flick to use the ubiquitous hashtag in its title). The studio says that the film follows in the hard-core tradition of previous LaRue winners such as Link, Leather Sessions and Tread Heavy. Newcomer Benjamin takes on James Hamilton in a raunchy sex club romp, and he couldn't be happier with his co-workers.

    "It was a truly memorable experience," David tells GayDemon exclusively. "Meeting legendary director ChiChi LaRue was a dream of mine when I first got into the business, so having the chance to work with her was a real honor. Then to be paired with James, a man of such intense sexual energy, made the experience that much hotter!"

    David may be new to gay porn and porn dialogue, but he manages a fine "Work my ass, boy!" while Hamilton does the pounding. The press release calls their scene "dark and brooding," but we think "wet and nasty" might be a better description! #Leather is an ode to spit, cum and boot-licking that also stars Johnny Hazzard, Logan Vaughn, Tony Orion and Sean Duran. The movie takes viewers into the seedy world of slings, chains and backroom sex. What more could you ask for your gay porn debut!?

    For more information, visit Channel 1 Releasing.

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  • New Muscle Daddy Rocco Steele Fucks David Avila Raw

    New Muscle Daddy Rocco Steele Fucks David Avila Raw

    This week Tim Tales introduces us to a new Muscle Daddy ... Rocco Steele. Rocco sure is built ... he's got an amazingly muscular and beefy body, plus a monster, extra thick piece of fuck meat too!

    In this video, which is Rocco's premier scene, he's paired with the hunky Spanish bottom David Avila. As the video starts we find David on his knees, down between Rocco's thighs sucking on his long and very thick cut cock ... it really is a sight to behold as David deep-throats this monster cock ... and from the sounds Rocco is making, David must be doing a great job down there too! These two tattooed musclemen have the perfect on-screen chemistry together and, when the fucking starts, things just get even hotter! At first, Rocco is slow and gentle as he inserts his raw and very thick cock into David's arsehole, allowing time for his partner to get used to the sheer size and thickness of his penis ... but once the fucking really gets going, Rocco is absolutely merciless in his actions and David's arse is pounded relentlessly!

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  • The Speedo Hashtag On Instagram

    With summer well and truly bedded in, lets take a look at what the guys are posting on Instagram and see if we can spot a decent bulge or two.

    Aronik swimwear models are the perfect beach body inspiration.

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  • Johnny V Is Latest Falcon/RSS/Hot House Exclusive

    Johnny V Is Latest Falcon/RSS/Hot House Exclusive

    How many exclusives is too many!? Falcon and Raging Stallion appear to be on a roll, announcing four new exclusive models in the past week. The latest is muscly newcomer Johnny V. (Click here, here and here to see the others.) The beefy blond will appear in upcoming productions for Falcon, RSS and Hot House, since the three studios merged for AEBN earlier this month. His hard-core debut will be on the HH site, and the Chicago-based bodybuilder will also appear in Falcon's big-budget fall release, Naughty Pines, in a duo with Ryan Rose.

    "I'm extremely excited to make my first appearance in gay porn with the biggest and best in the business," Johnny says in a statement. "I am truly grateful to be given an opportunity to make my debut as an exclusive, and I'm proud to be part of the Falcon, Raging Stallion and Hot House family. I look forward to sharing my work with the fans, and I'd like to thank the entire team at the studio; they are a class act and I'm honored to represent them as an exclusive."

    Look for Johnny on Twitter (@johnnyv_muscle) and on American Muscle Hunks, a membership site he operates with his boyfriend. For more info, visit Falcon Studios.

  • Training Buddies Randy and Samuel Fuck Raw

    Training Buddies Randy and Samuel Fuck Raw

    Some great news for Twink Lovers and Bareback Sex Enthusiasts ... Bareback Twink site Sweet and Raw is now releasing three updates per week and today's episode is a hot one for sure! Randy Scott and Samuel Hoffman are both proficient gymnasts and genuine Olympic hopefuls ... and they are also training partners. This of course means, in the full-on period leading up to the Olympic Trials, they do almost everything together ... they train together, eat together, and even sleep in the same room together!

    After today's hard training session the guys are naturally looking for a good way to wind down and work out all that excess testosterone that's now coursing thru their bodies ... and what's better than some good old-fashioned ... sex? The cock-hungry twinks take turns chowing down on each other's hard uncut cocks ... then Samuel rim's his buddies arsehole, moistening it, getting it ready for his nicely curved uncut cock ... he desperately wants to bury it deep inside that tight hole! And before you can say "Pommel Horse" ... Randy's hole is being bareback fucked in a variety of positions all over the gym! While Randy is sitting astride his buddies cock, he gets the urge to shoot his cum load, after which Samuel pulls out and stands up so that his cock is level with Randy's face and jerks his own huge load all over the handsome twink, who cheekily sucks off the last few drops for good measure!

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  • You Certainly Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    You Certainly Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    It's not very often that I see something new in a gay porn video, I've been working in porn for a long time. But while watching this threeway from Thug Boy, I saw something that I've got to try. It's not big deal really, I'm sure I've seen this somewhere before, but this time it had me noticing and thinking, "Shit! I've never tried that." More about that in a minute.

    TKO and Deka are a couple of horny brothas in the mood for a little threeway action, so they pick up Will2K and bring him back to their apartment. And in no time, Will is on his knees stuffing these two dicks down his throat. He sits back on the couch and TKO eats his hole while Deka fucks Will's throat. Then TKO shoves his hard-on inside Will's ass and starts pumping.

    The guys get into a fucking sandwich with Will on the very bottom, TKO is top man with Deka in the middle. So far this is all pretty regular stuff, but what got me really turned on is that Will lies on his back and Deka face fucks him while TKO drills Deka's butt. And Deka unloads in Will's mouth and TKO doesn't stop drilling until his buddy's done, then he pulls out and makes a mess of Will's face. I've never blown my wad in a guy's mouth while getting my ass pumped; it looks like fun -- now I just have to get myself into a threeway.

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  • Do You Think You Can Handle It?

    Do You Think You Can Handle It?

    The great thing about hanging your slave from the rafters is that you can twirl him around and around. A bit like a BDSM lazy Susan. Adam Ramzi had his first bound cock edging session over at Men on Edge a couple of weeks ago, and he's back in Bound Gods' dungeon requesting his first training session from Mr. Christian Wilde.

    When the scene opens, the men are standing face to face and nuzzling. "So you're ready for you first training session?" Wilde asks. "Do you think you can handle it?" Ramzi says that he can. Then gentle time is over and Wilde ties his slave to the wall. Nipple pulling, flogging, and cock and ball yanking, Wilde dives right in and shows Ramzi how things go in this dungeon.

    Then suspended from the ceiling in a rope harness, Ramzi gets flogged some more. And when Wilde wants to change directions, he grabs Adam's foot like a rudder and steers him around. He lowers the harness and force feeds his stiff cock into Ramzi's mouth and makes him choke. Wilde fucks his sub in the rope sling as well, but lying on his back and tied to the bed is how Ramzi will ultimately serve his master's dick and make him unload his nuts.

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  • Nylon Shorts And A Big Uncut Cock

    View full video at Fuckermate

    There's nothing like a hot fuck on a Monday morning! Adam Risso is a fit laddish bottom. He's got a smooth ass and he takes it bareback. The way he so willingly thrusts his ass out doggy style is such a turn on!

    RED is a hung, mixed race, uncut top with something so different and refreshing about him in porn. After pulling down the Nylon shorts he barebacks Risso's hot white butt like he's a proper slut.

  • Tyler White Fucks Romeo James Bareback

    Tyler White Fucks Romeo James Bareback

    Tyler White isn't very big physically, but he's totally straight and has that 'bad boy' image thing going on, which is very sexy. Today Broke Straight Boys have paired him up with the equally straight and sexy Romeo James ... and both lads are broke, horny and ready for some man-on-man action!

    The guys get undressed quickly, stand side-by-side to show off their sexy bodies and then almost immediately Romeo moves in for a kiss. Both guys are blessed with big, dangly balls and we can also see both already have rock-hard cocks which are touching and sparring against each other like steel swords ... but not for long, as Tyler is quick to drop to his knees to take Romeo's cock into his mouth and start sucking on it. Not to be out-done, Romeo then goes down on Tyler's cock too, deep-throating it, making sure it's nice and hard and wet ... getting it ready for the main event! With Tyler still moaning softly from his oral ministrations, Romeo climbs on top of him and sits himself right down on his boner ... bareback! It's quite a sight ... seeing his hairy straight manhole getting fucked by another guys dick in a great variety of positions ... until Romeo can't take it anymore! He grabs hold of his own cock and plays with it until it spews out his cum load, and all the while Tyler's cock is still buried deeply ... pounding his hole. Not long after tho, it's Tyler's turn to cum and he pulls out of Romeo and strokes out his own sticky load all over Romeo's belly ... very hot fuck guys!

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  • Breaking In The New Guy

    Breaking In The New Guy

    Anytime a new guy joins the frat house, other members need to break him in. No practical jokes for this crew. Their idea of breaking someone in, is fucking the guy. Chris has barely moved in before he is subjected to this initiation. Starting with getting cocks warmed up for fucking. That means sucking off multiple dicks. Going from cock to cock to cock. Even trying to take three cocks at a time! Going in as deep as possible so those dicks feels his tonsils.

    With the cocks warmed up for action, it is time to break in Chris ass. The guys are very democratic about this. Passing Chris asshole from guy to guy. Smoking and drinking in-between each fuck. Some even smoke while riding Chris ass. At the end of all of this Chris will have a hole that is broken in, with ton of cum in his mouth. Being the new guy does have its privileges!

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