• Aussie Hunk Woody Fox Sporting a New Haircut

    Aussie Hunk Woody Fox Sporting a New Haircut

    It's funny how much a hair cut can change a guy. Aussie stud Woody Fox is no stranger to gay porn, he's filmed all over the place, but his hair is usually a lot longer than this. And his stylish cuts give him a bit of that pretty boy look. But in this new jack-off video for Hard Brit Lads, Woody is sport a close-cropped cut that makes him look a little more harsh.

    Nothing wrong with the bad-boy look, it turns me on. And while Woody looks like he might rough you up, when he opens his mouth, that Aussie accent will get you smiling. Woody doesn't work out in the gym, he says that he finds it terribly boring. He's an aerialist and spends his free time swinging and spinning from ropes.

    He also says that he's 100% gay and he'll top or bottom, although he says that he normally tops in his videos. That's probably because he's packing a nice, big bone. And who doesn't want to see his heavy-hanging nuts slapping against a bottom's ass. We'll see what his future shoots at Hard Brit Lads bring, but for now, enjoy watching this Aussie unloading his nuts.

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  • Edu Boxer Fucks Allen King in "Papi Rules"

    Edu Boxer Fucks Allen King in "Papi Rules"

    Who can resist a masculine hairy hunk dressed in a suit and tie? ... Well, you can be sure that daddy-lover Allen King can't resist his best friend's father, the seriously "Hot Papi" and Men at Play star Edu Boxer! Allen is a student at Uni and his best friend and study partner is Edu's son. The lads are supposed to be cramming for an exam and when Edu comes home unexpectedly to find his son no-where in sight and Allen sunning himself out by the pool instead of inside studying, he's not amused!

    Edu gives Allen a fatherly dressing down but, much to Edu's annoyance, the lad takes little notice, so Edu gets more serious and grabs hold of the youngster but loses his balance and the pair end up in the pool together. Allen is loving it all of course ... what's hotter than being wrapped in the arms of this hot daddy ... and he instantly takes advantage of the situation and moves in for a kiss! Edu is a bit shocked, but turned on too ... and the pair quickly move inside to where it is more private! The men continue where they left off and kiss passionately as Allen unzips Edu's suit trousers and releases his uncut boner from its confines ... he moves down and sucks on it for a bit until Edu takes control and picks him up and puts him on the kitchen bench and returns the oral favours. Then he turns him over to check out his cute little arsehole, fingers it a bit, and then inserts his rock hard cock ... and the entire time he never removes even the smallest piece of his business attire!

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  • Jesse Jackman and Hubby Dirk Caber Reunite for New Scene

    Jesse Jackman and Hubby Dirk Caber Reunite for New Scene

    It's been a while, but now gay porn power couple Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber are back together on the small screen. The beefy muscle studs are reuniting for a new scene in Titan Men's gym-themed Sweat. This is the fourth collaboration for the hot duo (Jesse is still a Titan exclusive), and this time out they get playful in the locker room following a sweaty workout. After some juicy mutual cocksucking, Dirk winds up on top, fucking Jesse in several positions. Director Jasun Mark continues his winning streak following this "comical" release, and the hairy pair has enough chemistry to keep us all horny for a long time to come. For more information, visit Titan Men.

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  • Naked Party Guys

    naked party guys

    Bugs Bunny's boner is at the same vertical coordinates as the human pants boner guy. He's even leaking some from within his slacks. Or he just spilled his drink. Since he's drinking precum, either way that's precum on his pants.

    This is a wonderful party scene. Such a good time. Just three fellas talking university politics and anal sex. Can you tell I want to be there? I would have so much to add to the conversation. Like I could change the ratio to three nude guys and one clothed one. By getting that gorgeous guy in glasses to give me his clothes.

    Nudity is an important part of a social life. It's okay to be nude when others aren't. It's even got an acronym: CMNM (clothed men naked men). Or clothed man naked man if it's just two of you. Have you thought how a man's pants-clad leg or cotton shirt would feel against your bare skin. And how he would smile. Nudity is power.

    Though perhaps neither of those two guys were actually naked. It may just be that new "Peeper" Instagram filter. Technology is amazing. So are certain men.

  • Aaron Slate Solos for Pegasus

    Aaron Slate Solos for Pegasus

    Pegasus Studios is launching its new website with a hot teenage jacker. Adorable Aaron Slate works as a barista in Fort Lauderdale. When he's not beating off five or six times a day, he's playing videogames. Sounds like a typical teen to us! But 19-year-old Aaron, who has previously appeared for Circle Jerk Boys and Hot Dads Hot Lads, has the dreamiest blue eyes and admits to a penchant for older muscle bears. In a video interview with the studio, he says that he likes to bottom, and if his hairy partner is rough and throws him around in bed, that's all the better. Slate also enjoys nipple play and fantasizes about sex in a movie theater.

    Pegasus is the latest endeavor for the GorgeousBoys Network, and it's a bit different in that it's attempting to appeal to "all lifestyles and orientations by offering gay, bi and straight content on one platform." Shot mostly in Fort Lauderdale and Philadelphia, the scenes (there's more than 75 already) have featured gay porn stars such as Angel Rock, Chris Bines and Ray Han, among others. The "omnisexual" site plans to release two or three new updates per week. For more information, visit Pegasus Studios.

  • Don't Wake Me with Morning Head Unless You Mean It

    Don't Wake Me with Morning Head Unless You Mean It

    Have you ever been woken up with a blowjob? It's a weird experience. I had a lover who did that regularly ever few months, and I'd wake up feeling startled, a little annoyed that someone was disturbing me, then I'd realize that my lover's mouth was on my cock. Kind of hard to be pissed about that.

    In this new video from Next Door Ebony, Jin Powers wakes up first and he notices his man's morning wood under the sheets. PD Fox is his boyfriend and he's packing a major piece of meat. I don't know why Jin was wasting time rubbing his hand over the sheets, or even reaching under and stroking his lover's hard-on -- just pull the fucking thing out and suck it!

    And when he does, I love watching his big lips sliding up and down this enormous cock. Jin sure does know how to suck dick. And unlike me, Fox doesn't wake up grumpy, his hands slide up to his over-sized nipples and start twisting while his lover is downing his bone. But now that Fox is awake, he's horny and looking for another warm spot to plant his dick, so ready or not, Jin is getting his ass fucked.

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  • Interview with Maskurbate's Zack

    Interview with Maskurbate's Zack

    Tell us your story. How did you get into the adult industry?

    A few years ago, when I was dancing at a strip bar, I got approached to make straight porn. I was already with my girlfriend at the time so I knew it was impossible unless she did the scene with me. It took her a couple of months but she finally agreed to do it. We did a few scenes together over the years. I've also made some solos for gay studios.

    How come you appeared masked on Maskurbate?

    Well, I retired from porn for my love one. She was no longer comfortable seeing me naked surrounded by guys and girls, big crews and with what she thought was happening backstage. Pascal from Maskurbate was sending me offers via Facebook while I was trying to convince my girlfriend. It was the mask concept and the fact that Pascal is a one man crew that made her change her mind. So here I am. Glad to be back!

    What are the things you like most about doing porn? Any dislikes?

    I like the excitement. I like making films, the preparation and the process. Sex with my girlfriend on camera was different then off camera. Dislikes? Well sometimes when you are in the mood and the producer says "cut", the action stops, it's not easy. It takes a lot of control to stay concentrate and focus.

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  • Nick Fucked By Teacher Hunk: Most Viewed This Month

    View full video at Teach Twinks

    So, we're at the end of June and it's time to take a look at what floated your boat on GayDemon's gallery this month!

    Teach Twinks offered up a treat with cute Scout twink Nick giving his ass to his hunky teacher, taking his big cock while bent over the desk. Nick will be guaranteed a good grade with this performance.

    You can check out all our other trending galleries this month in the gallery section.

  • Who Will Win Mr. Cumface Supreme?

    male orgasm faces

    There's a lot of guys competing for the title, hundreds of thousands every second of this world. As the judge of this genuinely real actually true competition, there are a lot of factors I need to consider.

    • Does the cum/orgasm face show abandon or appear posed?
    • Does the head look like it's about to launch off the neck into the red light district of outer space?
    • Does the guy look like he's about to sneeze, laugh, cry or all three?

    • Is he conceivably thinking about me?
    • If we went backward in evolution, would a Nearderthal recognize what was happening just from the face? Primal equals good.
    • If we went backward in time, could we make Demi Lovato's mom have twin Demis instead? With Demi's powerful, heartfelt vocals, intense back story and dead gay grandpa, she's a baby icon and I want to make sure we have a spare her.
    • What was I talking about? Oh yeah, final factor is the guy being damn handsome.

    Winner? The oh so very handsome guy three rows down. He's in his own world, imploding, exploding, dreaming, living, feeling. Orgasming.

    Oh wait, this just in. He's actually rocking out a guitar solo. Disqualified! How dare he. Now I'm too emotional to pick another winner.

    P.S. The Face of Cum bonus action.

  • Has Everyone Seen Big Brother 16's Cody Calafiore?

    Cody Calafiore Big Brother 16

    Here's a look at him. For anyone not in the US (like me), it's unlikely you've already had the pleasure. Cody is one of Big Brother (US) 16's contestants and is a C-IN2 underwear model, understandably.

    Flesh N Boners blog kindly brought our attention to Cody Calfiore sticking his fingers in a sleeping buddy's ass on a Tumblr blog.

    Check out Cody in his Athletic Grip advert for C-IN2 on YouTube below.