• Justin King, Dorio Beck and Hunter Marx Fuck Poolside

    Justin King, Dorio Beck and Hunter Marx Fuck Poolside

    The ripples of the pool reflected behind him, hairy hunk Justin King lounges on the patio stroking his uncut boner in Titan Men's Night Heat. Poolside, Hunter Marx strokes his own big cock as he worships Dorio Beck's thick, uncut dick. After watching for a bit, Justin joins in, Hunter going back and forth from uncut cock to uncut cock, carrying a strand of spit from one dick to the other. Justin and Dario wrap their arms around each other, kissing as their cocks touch while Hunter sucks - reaching up to rub Justin's furry chest. Then Justing enters Dario, fucking him from behind while Dario gets his mouth stuffef full of Hunter's cock. Justin reaches over to pinch Hunter's nip, their arms connected. Justin then gets on all fours, moaning "Fuck!" as Hunter slides into his ass. The bottom sucks on Dario - who is soon coated in all of their loads as they stroke side by side.

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  • Max Carter Reunites With BF Kyle Ross for New Helix Scene

    Max Carter Reunites With BF Kyle Ross for New Helix Scene

    Earlier this month we told you exclusively that he was back. And though Max Carter filmed this project with Dominic Ford that comes out in July, this new Real Cam scene with boyfriend Kyle Ross is the first we've seen of the twink superstar since he left Cocky Boys to return to his Helix home studio. This gonzo-style entry finds the cute couple of more than two years sucking and flip-flop fucking on a brown leather sofa.

    In a pre-interview, they share some intimate details (they met on Grindr) about their first date (they did it!) and what turns Kyle into a "self-proclaimed hashtag power bottom" (watch to find out!). The guys also talk about their ideal way to spend the day (at the beach), their favorite pastime (cuddling with Max's dog, Jake) and what it's like to work as a gay porn power couple. Then they display what makes them a perfect example of twink fuckers. Kyle sucks Max's big dick; Max fingers Kyle's hole (pierced taint alert!) until he's ready for cock; then they flip-fuck before making beautiful cum together. For more information, visit Helix Studios.

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  • Special Offer: 40% off Blake Mason

    Blake Mason GayDemon special offer

    Love to grab a bargain? So do we. This weekend we've managed to grab an exclusive discount from Blake Mason for 40% off your membership. Claim your special offer today and enjoy some of the hottest gay porn Britain has to offer with gay porn superstars such as Dan Broughton, Luke Desmond and JP Dubois!

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  • Wedding Caterer Dicks Tanned Twink

    Wedding Caterer Dicks Tanned Twink

    Davey Anthony is the wedding caterer, and he's in the kitchen when Jayden Ellis comes looking to sate his appetite of a different kind. Ever-obliging, Davey feeds the tanned, sexy twink, Jayden with his cock.

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  • Ass Almost Split in Half by Huge Cock

    Ass Almost Split in Half by Huge Cock

    Adjectives used to portray Alejandro Marbena have ranged from big to bold to black. The same words can be used to describe his massive cock as well! Which makes him very popular with hungry bottoms. Who wouldn't want to feel that huge cock up their ass?

    Chris Hollander was one lucky bottom that got the chance. Before his hole could get satisfied, he needed to warm up Alejandro's man-meat. Despite its size, Chris managed to suck Alejandro's cock like a pro. Prep is also needed on Chris's hole, so Alejandro fingers it. Finally it is time to get fucked and Chris cannot spread his legs wide enough. Alejandro's cock is that massive. Chris should have hit the yoga studio beforehand to stretch his shaft for this fuck session. His crack almost splits open, as that is how big Alejandro's cock is! Judge for yourself by watching the video at Staxus.

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  • Axel is Kayden Gray's Next Insatiable Bottom

    Axel is Kayden Gray's Next Insatiable Bottom

    Axel is a pretty fit twink. Not as androgynous as twinks usually are, but for me, that's what makes him such an appealing lad to watch getting fucked. Kayden Gray is well-known in porn. I can't think of a site he hasn't done a film with. Hard Brit Lads have filmed him fuck and get fucked a few times. Now it's Axel's turn to get the Kayden Gray experience.

    Simon Booth, director at Hard Brit Lads describes his movie as 'intense'. There's lots of rimming to start off with. Axel's got a cute arse, so it's pretty fucking hot to watch. The first position Kayden fucks Axel in is immense. Axel slides down onto Kayden's big, hard dick and rides him like he's done it 1000 times. After switching positions a few times, enduring lots of pounding, and some jerk-off friendly groaning, Axel shoots his spunk over his tattooed body - but Kayden just keeps on fucking!

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  • Manscaping


    More and more guys are not only shaving and waxing their chests, but their entire body as well. From their head to their toes. All in an effort to achieve that smooth sleek look. Otherwise known as slip-n-slide. But not all of us can afford to get our bodies continually shaved by a professional.

    Enter Manscaping, hair removal advice for men. Here you get great advice on shaving each and every part of your body. Whether you want tips for shaving your chest or your legs, or everything in between. From your balls, butt-crack, armpits and even your nose hair. This website has you entire body covered inch by inch. This is truly the only site you need to get great advice about shaving ones body parts.

  • Matthew Camp Covers Gay Times Mag for Acting Debut

    Matthew Camp Covers Gay Times Mag for Acting Debut

    New Yorkers know him as a go-go god. Fashion fans drool for his musky 8.5 fragrance (named for the Fellini film, of course) and his manly leather clothing designs. But now moviegoers are getting a chance to become acquainted with Matthew Camp. The 30-year-old California native is currently making his acting debut in the indie film Getting Go: The Go Doc Project.

    In a new cover story for Gay Times, Matthew tells the British magazine that in real life he's actually pretty reserved, and although he appears to be a natural, he would never seriously consider doing gay porn. "I've never been interested enough to pursue it because I'm a little bit shy," he says. However, he does get naked and simulate bottoming in his sex scene with Getting Go co-star Tanner Cohen. "Because Tanner is a sweet professional guy, it wasn't hard to be close or intimate with him because we'd already built up a bit of a friendship," Camp says. The tattooed stud adds that he's "very single right now" and is attracted to intelligent men, "so if I can't talk to you I probably won't be interested in having sex with you more than once." Well, once is better than never!

    Getting Go: The Go Doc Project will be available on Netflix and DVD starting next month. For more information about Matthew's work, visit Matthew Camp Designs.

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  • What's Your Daily Jack-Off Record? Hugh Does It 5 Times a Day!

    What's Your Daily Jack-Off Record? Hugh Does It 5 Times a Day!

    I think jacking off six times in one day was my all-time record. At 17 years old, I didn't normally masturbate that frequently -- maybe once or twice a day -- but on this particular day I wanted to see how many times it was possible to cum. Hugh tells Spunkworthy at the beginning of his video that he normally jacks off five times a day. Good grief! I remember by the time I pumped out that sixth one that there was barely anything coming out of my cock.

    Hugh is 20-year-old, military guy originally from the Midwest, and he says that he's been thinking about doing porn since high school. But for Hugh it's not about needing the money, "I just like sex," he says. He strips off his clothes and his dick is hard in seconds. He's got a nice one, really thick at the base.

    Spunkworthy owner Jasun tells Hugh that he has do the official measurements, which gives him an opportunity to get his hands on the straight dude's cock. Sly bugger. Hugh's dick is 7 inches long and 5.5 inches around. Then Jasun offers Hugh some more money if he'll let Jasun give him a handjob. And true to his word about "just liking sex," Hugh hands things over to Jasun.

    And it turns out that Hugh is a loud one when he cums. Jasun has seen a lot of cumshots in his day, but he says that Hugh is definitely one for the record books. How a 5-times-a-day jacker can shoot so much spunk is beyond comprehension. Definitely something to see.

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  • Stany Falcone Breaks in Newcummer to Porn

    Stany Falcone Breaks in Newcummer to Porn

    Meddy B is a spanking brand new performer to the world of gay porn. How will he stack up working with more experienced talent? Stany Falcone will find out as he puts this newcummer through the wringer. Meddy B starts thing off by giving Stany a blowjob. So far so good as Stany seems to approve. Next Meddy takes his clothes off revealing his fabulous body. Hot guys are a dime a dozen. The true test will be his skills as a bottom.

    After some fingering action, the condoms come out and the real test begins. Viewers will get an excellent view of Stany's thrusting action into Meddy's now loosened hole. He fucks that hole for all it is worth, as the thumping gets harder, deeper and faster. Pulling out Stany is ready to cum, which he does as the load his huge, hot and massive. So did Meddy B pass the test? You will have to click the link below to find out!

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  • The Face of Cum

    The Face of Cum

    Ever wondered what you look like when you cum? Do your eyes roll back in your head, do you bite your lip or does your mouth gape open? Visual artist Stuart Sandford wondered the same thing, so he asked 12 regular guys to snap a selfie right when they were on "the brink of orgasm." Some of the revealing results are seen above.

    Meanwhile, Stuart has been working as an artist in residence at the Tom of Finland house in Los Angeles. While there, the talented London-based photographer, sculptor and writer has been shopping around his Narcissus-inspired "Sebastian" statue. He's also been snapping gay porn star Brent Corrigan (pictured below with Stuart) for a series of silver Polaroids. For more information, visit the Tom of Finland Foundation. And for more on the "Cumfaces" portraits, go to Stuart's site here.

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  • The Straight Guy Sucks Better Dick Than the Gay One

    The Straight Guy Sucks Better Dick Than the Gay One

    I've been waiting for this moment for one year and 12 days. Rocco Reed announced his retirement back on May 17, 2013, but MEN.com had so many scenes in the can that Reed's final scene is just airing today. I was never a Rocco fan, nor was I a hater. But on his way out the door, Reed left us with this little gem: "I would also like to state that I am not or never have been gay, just an adult performer."

    Talk about puking all over your fans and the company that employed you for 45 scenes. Since then, Reed has been like the lingering party guest who just won't leave.

    Rocco Reed's final scene is called Hotel Surveillance and stars Johnny Ryder. The pair are playing businessmen who check into a hotel for a frenzied romp while the horny front desk clerk watches them on his spy cam. Rocco and James burst into the room with got-to-have-you kissing. Funny, for a straight guy Reed sure kisses like he means it. None of that gotta-do-it-for-the-scene kissing, we're talking a full-on tongue fest.

    Reed pushes Ryder on the bed and gets to work on his dick. Again, Rocco sucks dick like he loves it, like after this last scene he's never going to do it again. You know, how you really enjoy that last cigarette before you put on the patch? And what's really funny is that he gives better head than the gay guy. Rocco eventually sits back on the bed for his not-very-good, token, two-minute blowjob. But it turns out that Ryder is an all-about-my-ass type of bottom and doesn't give very good head.

    So Rocco puts Ryder on all fours and fingers his hole, then Reed fucks him and they both shoot their loads. I don't know if MEN.com knew this was going to be Reed's last scene when they filmed it, maybe it's a big coincidence that they let him go out on top. Anyway, now Mr. I'm Not Gay can mosey off into the sunset and do whatever retired gay-for-pay porn stars do. Thank God that's over.

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  • Dark, Sexy Armpits and a Plump All-Day Sucker

    Dark, Sexy Armpits and a Plump All-Day Sucker

    Getting some guys to shed their clothes for the camera can be a lot of work. A site owner can spend many hours convincing the guy that he really is hot or massaging him through his apprehensions. Skippy Baxter is one of those guys and Ben from Bentley Race is the site owner. "I had always hoped that I would get this sexy Aussie boy in front of the camera," Ben says.

    But it wasn't until late last year and with some encouragement from a couple of buddies that 26-year-old, Melbourne boy Skippy Baxter finally agreement to meet Ben. Since then, he can't seem to keep his clothes on. Isn't that always the way? He did his first photo shoot and jack-off video (with a Fleshlight) back in October. A month later he was getting his ass fucked on camera, and he's got a sturdy and round one.

    So here's Skippy in this third session with Bentley Race. "We were actually taking these photos while we were waiting for his next action shoot to start," Ben says. Ah yes, there's always tease in porn, isn't there? Where would we be right now without Skippy's first two videos?

    I'm sure you can see for yourself, but I'll leave with with my two favourite parts of this lad's body. For a fair-skinned lad, his armpits are frightfully sexy, I just want to bury my face in them and breathe in his musk. And Skippy's got a big nob at the end of cock. I love a plump one, they're so much fun to suck and swirl your lips and tongue around like a juicy lollipop.

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  • Jackson Price Works Out An Enormous Load

    Jackson Price Works Out An Enormous Load

    Undoubtedly, a huge mess was anticipated by You Love Jack when Jackson Price came to do a jerk-off vid. As you'll see, the towel is spread on the couch before he's even taken his pants off.

    Jackson has been working out and that really pays off for watchers of his masturbation and Fleshjack pumping video. He starts by taking out his boner and presenting it to the camera. Once his pants are off and he's made himself more comfortable to sport his erection, he lubes up the Fleshjack with a couple of fingers. Price then inserts his rock hard cock. His 8 incher completely fills the barrel of the transparent toy. After some pumping and jerking, Jackson shoots his enormous load over his rock hard abs.

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  • Outdoor Afternoon Fuck Fest

    Outdoor Afternoon Fuck Fest

    Being one with nature is a beautiful thing. The trees, the flowers and the scenery is just so serine. But get a couple of gay guys together and watch nature takes its course. It worked for Adam and Eve. So it should work for Adam and Steve!

    That is exactly what Nick has in mind when he throws this men's only garden party. Being buck naked amongst all the lush foliage and nature does only one thing. Get guys get horny. Wasting no time the men pair off to fuck. Mostly one-on-one, but some in hot 3-ways. This is one fantastic afternoon fuck fest. Which culminates in a finale where everyone is on top of each other in one group fuck. Being outdoors, one hopes everyone is using protection. And I don't mean sunscreen.

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