• "Gag on it!"

    "Gag on it!"

    In this final scene of Titan Men's latest from director Joe Gage, Chain Reaction, we get a look at how to resolve disputes at the office. Casey Williams, upset about having to work on a Saturday, wants payback from his demanding boss Adam Russo: "I was thinking maybe you might suck me off." The handsome boss pauses before turning the tables: "I think that might be your job." Adam unzips and releases his throbbing cock, Casey smiling and taking it deep. "Gag on it!" orders Adam, forcing it down. "Keep it! Keep it!" The two engage in swordplay ("Put some precum on my dick," says Casey) before Adam returns the suck, the two going back and forth in a hot oral exchange that has Adam getting more verbal: "Let me fuck your throat! Open that mouth! Fuckin' take my dick!" Casey snaps his own cock up as he sucks, Adam growling throughout. Casey gets his ass eaten and finger fucked before Adam slides his cock in: "Fuckin' open that ass for me!" Adam gets on his back to take Casey's dick - the top's bush tickling the bottom's ass. "How's that, boss?" he asks, jacking Adam as he fucks him. It ends with Casey's unforgettable cumshot - flying all the way to Adam's face, a wad stuck to his chin.

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  • A Foot-Fetish Buddy Is A Good Friend To Have

    A Foot-Fetish Buddy Is A Good Friend To Have

    I know what it's like having a kinky turn-on, it's hard finding men that are okay letting me play with their feet. Some men don't like it at all and find feet repulsive, others are too ticklish, and others will indulge me a little, but it's rare to find a guy who is down for a total foot worship session. In My Friends Feet, Lance Hart has found one of those guys.

    Lance Hart peels off Christian Wilde's socks, Lance face is right there. The moment he sees Christian's bare soles, it looks like Hart is going to cum in his shorts. He lets out a gasp and sigh, and he's in heaven. But why not? Wilde has beautiful feet. He takes good care of them, they're clean, and not covered in callouses. They're the kind a feet a guy likes to rub and lick. And Hart does.

    But the real big moment for Hart is when he lies back on the bed and Christian grabs his bare feet. Holding Lance's feet in his hands, Christian slides his hard dick in and out of the crevice between Lance's soles. Hart is hypnotized and all he can do is watch and stroke his dick. But Wilde has one more trick up his sleeve. He cums all over Lance's feet and the feel of warm jizz on his bare skin and toes sends Lance right over the edge and he nuts all over himself.

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  • Skinhead Twink Gets Daddy Cock

    Skinhead Twink Gets Daddy Cock

    This is Jack Raw's first appearance in a movie. The cute, young skinhead is excited that Geoffrey Paine, a bearded daddy type has flown in all the way from LA to get his hands on the Eurocreme twink newcomer, and maybe teach him a trick or two.

    Geoff is quite heavily tattooed and likes to fuck aggressively, which is just as well, because Jack loves to get his hole pounded. Greedy Jack devours daddy Geoff's pole before getting on all fours so he can wet his smooth hole with some tongue fucking before sticking his dick in.

    Ready for action, Jack effortlessly allows Geoff's cock to slide into his ass, starting with a slow ride to work him open. Jack's feedback comes in groans to show daddy just hoe much he is enjoying being fucked and twisted around into different positions to please him.

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  • Hung Stud Pumps, Dumps And Leaves

    Hung Stud Pumps, Dumps And Leaves

    Did you have a wild period? Every time I see one of these Sketchy Sex videos it makes me think about my wild days. You know, partying all weekend, going out clubbing and bringing guys home in the wee hours of the morning, and when you're done with them you jump online looking for more hook-ups. Sometimes I miss those times.

    Nate has been at it for 20 hours and he's coming to the end of this cock binge. But he's got two guys left to take care of. He's hunched over the sofa and a big tall stud is drilling him for behind. (That's actually Bryan Cavallo, but Sketchy Sex never really tells us the guys names.) Another stud is feeding Nate's throat. He just arrived and dropped his pants, but didn't bother taking his nap sack off his back -- I guess he's not staying long.

    Bryan slams his huge dick into Nate's ass and the hungry bottom is grunting, "Cum in me," over and over. Finally Bryan pulls out and sprays Nate's hole, then rams back in for some frothy milk shake making. When he's finally done, Bryan slaps Nate's hole and turns it over to the other dude, who has the darkest and hairiest pubes I've seen in a long time. And while this guy gets down to fucking Nate's ass, we see Bryan put on his jeans and walk out the door. Dirty boy!

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  • The Best of Rob Romoni

    The Best of Rob Romoni

    Before he was a Twitter superstar, Rob Romoni was a gay porn star. For those youngsters in the audience who don't recall the days before social media, Falcon has put together a compilation of some of Rob's greatest hits for the studio. Here's your chance to catch up on the work of this New Jersey native who made more than 40 films from 2002 to 2006. Rob went on to a job behind the scenes for Jet Set Men. He also launched numerous gossip blogs (and deleted them) and retired (and unretired). Now, in The Best of Rob Romoni, you can see the versatile star sucking, being sucked, topping, bottoming and everything else that put him on the gay porn map.

    It's all here in seven full-length scenes--a blond Rob in a threeway with ex-boyfriend Jason Land and Nino Bacci in After Shock; his plane fuck with Matthew Rush (wasn't he also an ex!?) in Taking Flight; his car fuck with Brad Benton (aka mainstream actor Dylan Vox) in Addiction; and his hot locker room orgy with Josh Weston, Jason Hawke, Maxx Diesel, Andy Hunter, Tyler Gunn and Cal Jackson in Quarterback Sack.

    "This is very cool, and I am honored," Romoni tells GayDemon. They don't make gay porn stars like this anymore, kids. For more information, visit Falcon Studios.

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  • Turnabout is Fair Play

    Turnabout is Fair Play

    This isn't Dayton and Paul's first shoot for Dirty Tony. Last time, Dayton topped Paul, so this time Paul's going to take control of Dayton's ass. After removing some clothes, the guys take turns going down on each other, and it's obvious they both love sucking cock. Then Paul drives his rock-hard dick deep inside Dayton's ass and fucks him as Dayton strokes his own cock. As a grand finale, Paul unloads a stream of hot, thick cum down Dayton's throat!

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  • Tyler Wolf Pumping Ass Instead Of Iron

    Tyler Wolf Pumping Ass Instead Of Iron

    Tyler Wolf is a dancer, escort and gay porn star. All these professions have one thing in common. Tyler uses his body to make a living. As such he must keep his physique in tiptop shape. Which has garnered him many admirers including newcomer Justin Cruise.

    Not only does Justin find Tyler hot, but he would also love to follow in his footsteps. By marketing his own body for hire. So what is Tyler's secret? Staying in shape for one, and Tyler has offered to show Justin a few workout moves. But Justin has something else in mind. He sees this workout session as an excuse to see Tyler in the flesh, preferably unclothed.

    During the workout the guys get a bit too close for comfort. Tyler suddenly pops a boner. Taking this as a sign, Justin decides to take opportunity of the situation. Pulling down Tyler's shorts reveals his huge cock. Ready to be serviced. Justin wastes no time in devouring this piece of man-meat. Tyler sure likes it as he moans in ecstasy.

    Workout clothes soon come off, but not their sneakers. Tyler just LOVES to fuck wearing sneakers. No problem for Justin. He is just happy to get fucked by Tyler, with or without shoes. This is a different sort of workout as Tyler is pumping iron, but rather Justin's nice bubble butt!

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  • Another Czech Boy Barebacks For Koruna

    Another Czech Boy Barebacks For Koruna

    Czech Hunter's prey continues to fulfil my fantasies of straight boys doing gay stuff for cash in the latest episode. Czech boy number 138 is amongst my favourite gay 4 pay twinks over on Czech Hunter's website. The unnamed boy has that innocent look going on, a nice slim body and a smooth little butt.

    With summer returning, Czech Hunter fancied a bit of outdoor action and set off in search of a boy on a sunny afternoon. Boy #138 was studying his note from school in the park. His relaxed, friendly demeanour allowed the hunter to worm his way into convincing him to do some outdoor cock sucking, taking it up his tight, twinky butt - bareback, and finish off with a hot facial cumshot!

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  • Male Celeb Bio

    Male Celeb Bio

    If you are looking for a site that you can surf at work safely and features hot guys, look no further than Male Celeb Bio. You get to know your favorite male celebrities with images that are TSFW (totally safe for work). These high quality pictures come from a variety of sources such movie studios, news wires and photo imaging services.

    Featured on this site are a wide array of great looking guys. Actors, athletes, musicians, personalities, supermodels and other types of hunky celebrities. Each personality features a biography to go along with their gallery of pictures. This is one site you can surf during your lunch break at work, and not worry about the boss!

  • Shower Hunk Threesome

    Shower Hunk Threesome

    What's hotter than 2 military hunks sucking and fucking each other? THREE Active Duty studs in a steamy group sex shower session! These tattooed amateurs lather up under the warm water, kissing and stroking each other (well, not Tito, who's new to sex with guys). Then Niko and Shea share Tito's cock, sucking and licking the hard shaft, trading positions, doing some rimming, spit roasting, jerking each other and finally taking turns blowing their loads.

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  • Start Saying Goodbye To The Most Beautiful Ass in the Biz

    Start Saying Goodbye To The Most Beautiful Ass in the Biz

    I was pretty disappointed when I heard about Connor Kline retiring from gay porn. Wholesome-looking blond guys aren't usually first at the front of my line, but I did like Kline. I first noticed him back when he did his first scene on Sean Cody as Brice. And after a handful of scenes, he started popping up on other sites as Connor Kline.

    And Kline really was in and out in a hurry. His porn career was really just getting going when he announced his retirement. I think Kline only filmed for a little more than a year, but he probably had another couple good years left. But he tweeted that he had never meant for porn to be a long-term thing, it was just something he did to pay for school.

    And although Connor Kline has officially retired, there are still lots of scenes in the can, so we'll be seeing him for a while. In MEN.com's "Take Your Clothes Off," Kline and his roommate Topher DiMaggio have just gotten home from a night out. But they're not quite ready to call it a night.

    Topher tells Connor to take his clothes off, and when the blond stud strips, you'll just about weep. Beautifully ripped body, heavy-hanging cock, furry thighs, and the most gorgeous bubble butt in the business. Topher pounds the hell out of Kline, and you'll only have a few more opportunities to see that beautiful butt before it's history. Or until Kline makes a comeback, we can always hope.

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  • Ducati And Crawford In Episode 9 Of SYTYCF

    Ducati And Crawford In Episode 9 Of SYTYCF

    We're down to the last episode of Season 4 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck. Well, except for the finale next Wednesday when a winner will be crowned. In this week's "You're Fucked" challenge, the contestants are asked to deduct 500 points from the score of one of their competitors. The members of both teams seriously ponder their decisions and eventually pick one person who they think can afford to lose the points. (Our favorite moment is when one porn star picks a model from the competing team because he was "too concerned with his hair." Hey, no one looks as good as these guys without really trying!)

    The final sex scene of the season is between Trenton Ducati and Vance Crawford. They begin with Vance sucking Trenton while on a big tractor. Moving inside, Ducati takes charge of Vance's ass, first eating it then fucking it. Vance moans, quivers and shakes, and the judges comment that the scene has a certain "rapey" aspect to it. Ducati offers encouragement, but at times he seems too mechanical, like a fucking machine...literally! It's clear that Trenton's dick is too much for Vance and at times Vance looks like he's about to pass out, but that's exactly what the judges like about the pairing. They also praise Crawford's "wicked orgasm," which Ducati then feeds him. This series sure knows how to go out with a bang!

    Now, it just remains to be seen who got the most points. Remember, the teams gain points for winning group challenges, but viewers have a say in who gets the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood this Wednesday, April 30. Cast your final votes for your favorites at SYTFCF.

    As Season 4 draws to a close, we're reminded of all the hot sex that happened this year on So You Think You Can Fuck. If you want to catch up before the winner is named, you can read all our weekly recaps here: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7 and Episode 8.

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  • Fucked by Tim Kruger

    Fucked by Tim Kruger

    Sexy Latin Sebastian is a huge fan of Tim Tales, and he sent in some pics of himself, hoping he'd be picked to do a shoot. And he was! This lucky guy's fantasy comes true as finds himself on his knees servicing Tim's huge dick, then getting boned by the porn stars's massive manmeat.

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  • Interview with Chris Crocker

    Chris Crocker Interview

    Lots of people only know Chris Crocker for his breakdown YouTube video "Leave Britney Alone," but there's a lot more to learn about the self-made, Internet celebrity. Crocker sat down with GayDemon to talk about his music career -- bet you didn't know he's sold over 100,000 songs - his popularity and success, and his foray into gay porn. Crocker has two new scenes at Lucas Entertainment, he's planning to film with a couple of other porn sites / studios, and he's working out the details on his own porn site.

    Hi Chris, thanks for speaking to us today. We're thrilled to be able to talk to you and find out more about you!

    I am NOT going to start with the cliche questions about Britney and the whole "Leave Britney Alone" thing from 2007. So you might be pleased with that.

    Tell us how you are, what you've been doing and where've you been?

    I've been working on my music, as usual which I'm not sure if anyone openly knows is my main income. I'm over 120,000 songs sold now, which for an independent artist who funds his own music, I'm really proud of that. I'm also working on my first book, which I'm writing completely on my own, as well as shooting new porn!

    When you're out and about, do you get recognised by people? Like if you go clubbing or go to the mall? And what is the usual reaction from people that do?

    I do. The funniest are the people who don't say hi, who then go on Twitter and say they saw me.

    It's surprising to me that I'm still recognized but my before and after look just recently became an international headline. I've looked different from my 2007 look for years now but people are apparently fascinated that you can cut off your dyed hair and grow a beard.

    In the last year I've not only done porn but a lot of TV appearances. (Most recently on MTV's new show "The Ex And Why" which aired yesterday.) so I think that's helped with keeping people "in the know"

    I was reading that you were born and raised in Tennessee, spent a short time living in LA and then returned home? What made you decide to move back, and is it difficult being openly gay in your hometown?

    Well I go back and forth from TN. I just lived there for 9 months. It's easier to make music in TN without being overly socially stimulated like I am in LA. There is a lot less noise and it's condusive to my music making.

    It's not difficult for me anymore being openly gay in TN because I am always with my family.

    When I was younger I was always going out and encountering hatred but I also used to look a lot less hetero normative. And although I may look less gay in terms of hair, the second I open my mouth or they see me walk or talk with my hands it's a dead giveaway.

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  • Bobby Clark Headlines Two New Films For Jet Set Men

    Bobby Clark Headlines Two New Films For Jet Set Men

    It's been a while, but Jet Set Men is back in the game with two new releases. Award-winning director Chris Steele helms both films, and gay porn superstar Bobby Clark is making his Jet Set debut in them. Clark has been experiencing a comeback of sorts, with recent scenes for Hot House and Bait Buddies. Now, Jet Set's Uppercut finds Bobby the center of attention once Joey Rico knocks him out in the boxing ring. This leads to some extreme (homo)sexual fantasies featuring Clark and Rico (pictured), who suck each other before Bobby tops. Other cast members, including Trelino, Dylan Knight, Wolfie Blue, Connor Kline (who has since retired), Jake Jammer and Topher DiMaggio, get in on the dreamy fun. The second film, Cock Rockers, features most of the same models (Bobby is paired with Wolfie in this one), plus Blake Stone. This is more of a gonzo production, similar in tone to Jet Set's popular gay porn parodies. For more information on both, visit JetSetMen.com.

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